Well, I have had sometime to demo the 2008 Rise Kites from Ocean Rodeo and I have to say very solid kites. Enough that I will be riding an Ocean Rodeo SLE Rise quiver for the remainder of 2007 and 2008. They say 2 kite quiver and I would strongly agree.

I rode the the 12M for a week straight from 17mph winds to excess of 30mph. I was riding the 12M with extensions at Metro yesterday when everyone else was on 14M-16M kites. At Harsen's last Saturday was the true test, NNW NW 20 gusting to 30+. The kite behaved real well in the gusts and the range is unreal. When it got over 25 I just pulled in about 3-4 inches from the depower strap and rode comfortably. Relaunch on the water is great and being able to self launch and land the kite un-assisted is really a bonus. I did not feel the SLE sacrificed any lift or air time when compared to my C kites. I just started on un-hooked tricks and the kite behaves very well when un-hooked.

I have been converted from C to SLE, never thought it would happen.