My orange 15m type 8(2007) has been ridden/pumped and out of the bag only three x's. It's nearly new/crispy and has no damage/crashes/leaks, etc. Complete with total depower bar/lines($625), or can be purchased w/out for $550. Also has the zipper option to take it down in power about 1.5 meters. Bomber construction, just too big for my conditions(OC) and weight. The depower is phenomenal w/ the rrd 5th line/bar set-up.


Red 9m type 7, ridden 12 times and in very good shape w/ no damage,leaky bladders. Purchased new but preowned in june. 5th line set-up dumps power like crazy. Construction is bomber. RRD Total depower bar and lines included. 350!

Orange 12m type 7, ridden 5 times, purchased in july, practically new/crispy, no damage, fifth line set-up, bomber rrd construction. Can be purchased for 425 w/ total depower bar and lines or without for 350.

Basically, I have 3 kites, 2 bars, so if one kite sells, the other two will sell w/ bars for the higher prices. Sales can be done through ebay where I have a solid record of over 50 transactions including many sales. Smokin deals. peace