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Full Version: looking for small kite between 4-9m
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hey anybody, im looking for a small kite for land and snow like 4-9m if anybody has anything let me no thanks
Hey Corey

Detroit Kiteboarding has a few 9m kites available:

07 North Rebel
05 Naish Boxer

give a call to 248 245 5016 for more info or email

I'm an Eclipse dealer from Sarnia and I know a great kite for you. Check out the Nano at
It comes in a 4m, 6m, 9, and 12m. Awesome kite for snow, freestyle or waves. The kites have an excellent wind range and plenty of depower for safety. If you are tight for money I can get used 07's also. Give me a shout for prices.\
still looking
QUOTE(adrenaline_freek @ Oct 19 2007, 08:09 PM) *
still looking

Still have that Crossfire.
I might have 2007 Ocean Rodeo 7M One kite available (used 2 times). A bunch of got a great session in on it today for the first time and it was sweet. My 2008 un-decided quiver is going to be ordered soon, so it could go up on the sale rack.

Looking for a Bow, C or Foil kite?

Price range?

Looking to use it on the water, land and/or snow?

Let us all know, we might be able to hook you up if we get some additional details.


From Adrenaline Freak

hey looking for a cheap kite even if it is holy but patchable just for land and snow mostly maybe a Little water in really high wind days yeah Dunn like maybe $200 just sumtin cheap thanks

corey ________________________________________________________________________________
My suggestion would be a foil, it is good for land and snow. You might be able to get a 3M foil new for $200. Call the shops on I am sure they can set you up. That 5M foil the guy posted is a good deal also.

My stuff would be like triple what you want to spend.

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