Im heading up to Kitemare in Oscoda, MI on Friday October 12 and Im gonna stay till the 14th. There is nightly specials for condos at the Mai Tiki resort on Lake Huron (thats where all the Kitemare events and partyings gonna be held). The prices are 75 bucks a night and you can fit 4 to a room...that equates to roughly 20 bucks a night if I can get 4 people in. Im lookin for any takers to leave Grand Rapids some time Friday morning or afternoon and car pool up there and party till sunday afternoon. From what I've seen and heard its a friggin blast. Oh yeah, I have an extended cab truck to fit all and any gear into that shouldnt be too much of a concern. If anyones interested lemme know or just fire me an email, preferrably by mid-next week. And if there are any doubts as to the kick ass time it is, heres to the link to GLK and kitemare, look em up, check em out...theyre good people.