Ok, Sorry guys been really busy lately. This weekend we will be doing a lot of updates on sharkless. I've created a video page, that will change a bit, but you can check it out. http://www.sharkless.com/html/vidgallery.htm This will be getting a lot of files this weekend added to it. If you have video that you would like to see up on the site, send me an email Chris@sharkless.com and we'll try to put it up. Also, will be trying to get up to date on all the Rider profiles, have a lot. And will be working on HTML version of sharkless for non-Flashers.

The photo gallery is open and you can post pictures under a folder for everyone its doing good. There's about 155 pics on it right now. And Sharkless currently has 2090 pictures.

So check it out.

Later tater