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Full Version: 12m Vanished at "The Shube Shack"
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Was a great sunset session, making my way through the flat water maze at Eric's place. That is until my center line snapped, and my kite flew away. I watched it in disbelief, like a bad golf shot, following it to see where it was going to land. I thought I got a pretty good idea of where is was, but im not so tall and the reeds were. Anyway, my 12m Flexifoil Atom is GONE!! I went back the next day (cause it was already dark when I got in) to grab it thinking I would see it and walk right up to it and go home, but it was no where to be found. I looked for about 5 hrs stumbling through the mud, and cat-tails (not to be confused with black-tail).

I need an aerial view, or about 20 people to comb the marshes with me. Neither of which are about to happen.

The bar and lines are still attached to it, so I was thinking it got snagged on something and the wind pushed it down into the reeds. But it could have also been picked up by someone before I got back into shore.
If you guys can do me a favor and keep a look out for a 12m Red, Green and Yellow Flexifoil Atom, with repair stiches on the canopy, that would be sweet. Maybe the person who picked it up (if it got picked up) will try to sell it, and Ill be all over that with your help.

Ill most likely be back downstate from midland next week to continue looking, but until then anyone have any suggestions?

Sweet start to the windy season..


that really sucks. but if i see a kite i will be sure to contact u.
wait if ur 5th line snapped couldnt u drop the kite and reel the lines in?
The center line I am referring to is my chicken loop line. My kite depowers quite well, so the leash attatchment is on the actual chicken loop. And when the line snapped the chicken loop was on my harness.

Its my third chicken line to get me in a rather bad situation.
(Although at least I wasnt in mortal danger this time)

Tom did u ever find that blown away kite out at the schuber shack?
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