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Full Version: 2008 Havoc Party
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Well The 2008 Havoc was delivered a few days ago. Tommie and I headed out on the first windy day to test the new design. We tested it in flat water at Kite Point and then headed to the Hotels for a little wave action. We both really enjoyed flying the kite. Its perfect for unhooked tricks and relaunches well. We were excited to see a 16m Havoc this year, which also worked well. There are so many great kites coming out for 2008 its going to be a tough choice if you have to pick out new gear.

I got to ride the 16m again last night i came in fairly underpowered on my 13m 07 Fuel and a surfboard and was jacked on the 16m havoc. it has a lot of pull. I also rode the 10 super lit the day before in the slick and must say that these are some killer kites. the most predominant thing that i noticed was the ability to depower and still steer the kite. I personally did not like the 07 havoc very much, but what ever they did to the 08s definatly improved the kite ALOT. Let me know if anyone has questions.

Here is my video:

This is the Liquid Force produced video Click me 20mb download in .m4v format (Quicktime)
I'm diggin em myself. Nice photo Elkus of Julien Fillion designer of the 08 Havoc on Page 68 of (October 07), read it and get the nitty gritty on this hybrid/SLE.
can anyone lend any info on why the price went up? Did they beef the construction way WAY up or something?
QUOTE(evilgun @ Sep 14 2007, 05:15 PM) *
can anyone lend any info on why the price went up? Did they beef the construction way WAY up or something?

I dont think the price went up all that much

Assuming these are the correct prices:

07 14m havoc @ REAL was origionally $1349.99 KO + bar (349.99) = $1699.99
08 Havoc 14m complete (kite + bar) $1699.99

So i think your just looking at the difference between kite only and kite complete.

--Thanks kuban
Hey Guys,
thanks ...I love getting quality first-hand feedback like that. I was wondering if you could field a question. I have a 12 M M-80 (2007). It has been a great low/mod kite for me performance-wise. It is really in excellent shape still, but it popped one day along the leading edge just flying it through the air. I iron-patched the bladder and the guy at the Kite shop in Auckland did a fabulous leading edge repair. Good as new....but I missed out on some serious wind. He diagnosed it as a small scratch from the beach that was a lead point for the explosion. He also reckoned that Liquid Force used lightweight material when compared to other manufacturers and was susceptible to this sort of they aren't built to last. This is quite a generalization I guess. Anyways, the bladder felt thinner as well. Are these common issues with the LF kites overall? Is this actually done intentionally to improve performance at the cost of durability? Are there differences in the 2008 lineup?
Cruz .... LF has stepped up quality in 2007 and then again in 2008. I'll agree with you that the M-80 was not the best built kite out there but then it was one the the cheapest kites. I guess you got what you paid for. I feel my 2007 Assault2 and 2008 Havoc2s are in line with the quality of Naish, Cabrinha, North but still not to the caliber of Ocean Rodeo.

I spent the majority of the day on my 12m rigged on the 2nd knot in the middle. I felt the kite had the perfect amount of bar pressure light but enough to know where the kite is at at all times. The kite boosts big and floats. Loved the way the kite stayed park and allowed me to work on tricks. It definitely had power in the turns similar to my c kites. I tried unhooking a couple of times but I do not know what I'm doing so I will not comment on the out come.

I've been reluctant to by into the SLE and bow kite hype. I knew they would come around and feel LF has done an excellent job with the Havoc2. My suggestion is to see for yourself like I did it only took a few minutes on a demo to know what I wanted. Want to demo mine just ask me only thing I ask is that you have some experience and don't stay out to long on it.
Thanks jahmi, that is helpful. Back in MI in Feb or I would definitely take you up on that right away. Cheers.
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