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Just wanted to let you all know that we've heard from Roberto V. (who was staying in Hua Hin, Thailand at the time of the quake, and he is ok. Luckily the area he was staying at was not nearly as affected as the west side of Thailand. Roberto is working with a small kiteboarding school there in hua hin: during his stay.

He sent a message about the area:

As you know Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and other areas of SE Asia were hit severely by an earthquake, and more devestatingly by the tsunami that resulted from it. I was fortunate to have left the area (Phuket Island) only days before the event, when Phuket was hit by the first tsunami to make landfall in Thailand. My friend, Captain Ron, was also fortunate to escape a probable death, as he had decided to have a Xmas lunch less than a mile inland at the time the first wave hit around 10AM. He said the water came withiin a few hundred meters still! Estimates are that the wave was around 10 meters in height. Normally he is at the beach every day excercising at that very time. Patong Beach, on the West side of Phuket, (which is the town I was staying in for the first 4 days here), is pretty well destroyed. I saw footage on the TV of places I had walked and dined in the streets that are complete disasters. Some of the low lying nearby islands were wiped clean of life. The Eastern side of Thailand, including the islands around Ko Samui were not effected.

Sri Lanka, India and other places were hit even worse. The Maldives were completelly wiped out. How many lost?? No accurate estimates at this time. Perhaps you know better than I at this writing. There are countless numbers of people now, both foreign and natives, in all of these places that have little more than (literally) their underwear! No money, no passports, no clothes, no food or water! It is truly an epic disaster for so many with so very little.

Here in Hua Hin, everything is normal. In spite of the fact that these Thais know they have lost friends, brothers, sisters, parents, even children (the price even lost a son)...they continue to smile and carry on. I think that this is largely a product of their Buddhist beliefs, but generally this is the essence of the Thai smile. Amazing

I'm sure the people that are living in the midst of this devastion are overwhelmed. Clothing, food, water and supplies are need to several countries and several areas. Total dead is 21,000 and counting.

Let's not sit back.. let's do something.
Some other organizations that are also aiding the relief efforts:






There's more charities I'm sure of, but those are the most notable. If anyone knows of any more please post them. All of their donation pages are easy to do online.
Death Toll is now over 60,000. This is an epic tragedy that has turned one kiteboarding heaven into "hell on earth" as one witness describes.

MSNBC - Disease fears rise as tsunami toll passes 63,000

Supplies are inexpensive over there, so a little money goes a long way. Experts warned that disease could kill as many people as the 63,000 already dead from the violent crush of Sunday’s tsunamis. Medicine, Food, Water and Clothing is desperately needed to prevent further deaths from this tragedy.

If everyone could do just a little.. there's a lot of people in the world, and it adds up. If you can, please help. Even if it's only $1, it helps.
Greetings Everyone, Jeff from Caution Kites has asked me to post this on the forums:

From Caution International:

Below is what was sent from our Sri Lanka factory regarding the

devastation. Caution would like to get out in as many avenues as possible

the following information. "Caution will donate $5.00 for every World Wide

Caution kite sold from December 26, 2004 until the end of 2005 to the

Sri Lanka relief fund we have set up to aid our factory workers and

there family members that have been devastated by this tragic

unforeseeable event. We will also be setting up an account and info for

others that would like to give donations without having to purchase a

Caution kite.

If people would like to make a donation please send checks to the following address. Any contribution will help as money goes a long way over there.

Caution Kites

783 San Andreas Rd

La Selva Beach, CA 95076

Please make checks payable to the following:

Sri Lanka Relief Fund

Our German Distributor will also be donating $5.00 for each kite he sells during the 2005 season.

Thank you Albert!

"Hi Everyone,

Just a note to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to all of you for your kind

thoughts, prayers and words of comfort in the wake of this tragedy.

There has been no loss of life among our employees or their families,

however, there are some whose homes have been completely demolished,

left only with the clothes on their backs.

Many thousands of others both here and in our region have not been that

lucky. As many of you would have seen on the news, the impact on our

country as a whole has been devastating. We are extremely grateful to many of

your nations who have come forward so promptly in our hour of need, providing

much needed aid in numerous forms.

We thank you again for all your concern and hope you will continue to

pray with us as we endeavor as a nation to dig ourselves out of this

tragic situation.

Kind regards,

Ezzy Sails Lanka"

Thank you,





PH# 1.805.984.3046

FAX# 1.805.984.3276

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