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Full Version: kiteboarding trip to Caberete, DR
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I had inquiries from a lot of you at the party about organizing a trip to Caberete this winter. I spoke with the Travel agent and she has confirmed that she is able to provide us with a Direct flight from Detroit to Caberete (about 3 hours and 15 minutes).

I did this trip with Jared Roth last winter and found it to be a windy and cheap place. We can probely pull this trip off for under $900/US for everything including Flight, lodging, shuttles and Food.

For those of you that would be interested in going and will need instruction, our Bruddha James Otis is now living and teaching kiteboarding in Caberete, and he has expresed interest in Helping out.

The two options for dates are:
leaving Friday February 4th (retuning following Friday)
leaving Friday March 4th (returning following friday)

Please note that this is a non-profit trip. Any one interested? any thoughts?

Joe Bidawid
Steve N
Call Mr. Otis if you are going.
James Otis

I am sure he can help you out and would love to see some Michigan riders.

cold in Michigan

I would be up for the 3/4 trip. Any idea how crowded the bay is that time of year?

It would be great to get a group of Michigan riders down there for a week.

Is the flight a charter only leaving on Fridays or regular air? I'm down for half a week (Wed-Sun) perhaps.


Only option is Friday through Friday. Wednesday through Friday will not work unless you make your own arrangements for travel.

Real El Turco

Count me in for Feb 4th. It looks like I missed the blast at the Dec 11th event since I was at KY for work.
Hopefully, everyone is still doing OK after all the beers??!!


Tolga T.
any more thoughts on the trip idea Joe?
We are pretty much confirmed for March 4th throught March 11th. At this point there are four riders confired with about 6 or 8 on the fence! We will be purchasing our tickets two weeks before as they drop in price the closeer we get to travel date. We fly out of detroit and it is a direct flight lasting 3 hours and 11 minutes. Last year we left around 10am and we were on the water by 3:30pm.

So far it's me, Carl the "Real Deal", JD and Wisconsin's Nick Powers.

Joe Bidawid
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