The Wildwood Yacht Club weather station is back up.

I used this one a lot last year, especially to watch for those NE winds. Could have used it the last couple of weeks, but it was down for the season. Now all but the camera is back up and working, and the camera says "WebCam is down for maintenance", instead of down for the season, so it looks like they are going to get that back up, too.

I prefer this one over the crib, because for one thing the units are marked (anyone know what units the crib weahter station uses for windspeed? mph? kph? knots? feet per second? Lightyears per millenium?).
Also, its closer to shore, so we can see what its doing closer to our sailing sites. And it presents a 24 hour record of windspeed on a graph.

There is also the link for the Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club webcam, which has apparently been put on a faster server. It used to take forever to load. The link is on the Wildwood YC main page.