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Full Version: King of the great lakes.
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Who is going to Grand Haven? I am off on Friday, so i should be up there by 2-3 in the afternoon. Where is everyone staying? I have made no plans , so if anyone has a campsite or a room i will split the costs? I just need a piece of floor. Let me know. See ya there. :twisted:
Rolled into GHaven yesterday morning to clear blue skies and offshore wind. By 2:00 high pressure cumulus islands started coming in from the north, 3:00 we were riding on 12s and 14s and the Expression Session was on. Burly mobes from Andy Hurdman, Cameron, Nick Bowers, and Kai from SCarolina as well as Big jumps from Coach and BLefeve. Water is coolllddd, offshore wind blew all the warm water out. Today looks mellow, tomorrow its going to blow S - get here if you can.
King of the Great Lakes was a marvelous celebration of the sport we all love. Kiters from all over the midwest came together in one of the finest kite towns in the region to ride, commune, and have FUN. It was great to see a bunch of old faces and meet a bunch of new ones. Clear sunny days with moderate winds and huge open sand beaches set the table for a heck of a weekend.

Competition wise, Expression sessions on Thursday and Saturday narrowed the 25+ rider field to those who could really throw down. Saturdays final took place in light winds and saw Great Lakes kiters TimmyB, Coach, BLefeve, BigAirKnoth, kMyers, MikeLanoe, Foil Trent, and NickBowers mixing it up with national hot shots Andy Hurdman from Florida, Cameron Dietrich from Puerto Rico, Kai from Carolina, and Kent from SanFran. Hurdmans powered and highly styley riding placed him in a league of his own throwing no flick teched out mobe combo's and amazing feats of big tricks from blind - he was also the only rider all day to never have to walk up wind - pure Black Magic. Andy will be a serious force in Maui for KOA, Ill be pulling for him hard. In my mind the true King of great lakes riders though is runner up Nick Bowers from 'Sconsin. Nick landed big handle passes (including beach mobes?), powered downlooping transitions, and just killed it. Rounding out the podium was Canadian mIKE with his monster kite loops and big handle passes. Awsome.

Thank you Steve Negen of MacKites, RED Bull, and the town of Grand Haven for hosting such a great time.
Big Thanks to Steve at Mac Kite for putting up such a well organised event. Everything went really well!

Thanks to Joe Bidawid for helping tons to make sure the event ran super smoothly the whole time

Thumbs up to Red Bull for financing such a awesome event like this one. They're always on top of the game and work hard to make sure everyone enjoy their time.

Also a big thanks to all the riders who showed and raised the level this year. There was so many people ripping , it was unbelievable. People came for all over the places to represent. Also, everyone is super friendly which makes everything so much better.

One thing's for sure, is that the whole Canadian crew had tons of fun this weekend and we are all super happy to realise that our lakes actually have warmer water then you guys! smile.gif

great event all together, we'll see you all next year for sure! laugh.gif

Mike Lanoe
Thanks to Steve,Joe.B & the red bull crew for another great event. Another great time had by all. The canadian crew rips. Congrats to Mikeal for his 3rd place finish. Still got the jimmy legs from the indian smokes,thanks Andre. See you all on the water soon. :twisted:
Steve N
Here are the results of the KOGL

Sarah Paciocco

1st Andy Hurdman
2nd Nick Bowers
3rd Mick Lanoe

Finals Heat
Kai Lorusso
Keegan Myers
Andy Hurdman
Nick Bowers
Mike Lanoe

Sorry, I didn't get a copy of the semi-final heats. I will work on it.
There were 7 people in 2 different semis.

Thanks for coming everyone.

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