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Awesome weekend at the kitestock. No wind Saturday, but super good party that night with bands playing, BBQ food and kegs! Great turn out! Then Sunday after a rough wake up, met up in Cedar beach to find about 20 knots of wind all day with some sun. Just perfect!!! Also did a big downwinder. Everyone hoped in the bus to drive us upwind of Cedar.
The camera man hopefully captured all that action on film. Awesome weekend overall. Great organisation team! Thanks Tim and your crew for this kick ass event. We're back next year for sure.
It was good to see everyone!

I would like to thank Tim,his parents,April and everyone else who showed up and helped out in this event it was excellent. I will need about a year to let my liver re-cope. Thanks again. biggrin.gif
Steve Martin
I had a lot of run riding Sunday.


Thanks for organizing a such a great event.
Party, camping, alcohol, oh yeah, most importantly, Kiting on Erie (Cedar Beach), smacking the lip, flicking it, a great venue for riding, plenty of spectators and plenty of fellow kiters, we were blessed with sunny skies and ESE winds, got my fix on 14M from 11:00AM to 3:00PM, thanks much to Tim, April, and others for putting on a cool time. The bands rocked on Saturday night!

Ocean Rodeo Kuban
This event has grown over the years, and this year there was wind after a crazy night! The riding @ cedar was almost perfect. This day will definitly be added to the memory banks. The whole weekend was great, thanks to the whole belle river crew.
We kited until or legs got cramps and kited some more.
WE will be back.
Such a good time Timmy B! Imagine a school bus full of O-town, Lando, Mika and Mike, AAA, Brokentoejoe, Stevemartin, and 15 more kite addicts driving up to a Secretlaunch for a 5k downwinder. Good times, great oldies. And Sperm Wail!
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