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Full Version: Metro Beach: Traffic Control
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this thread is intended to communicate and maybe improve our beloved launch. any comments from any level of rider are welcome. Lets be careful to not go overboard, I think basic rules of the road and kite etiquette work pretty welll at Metro now, just maybe some general refinements would be helpful especially on busy days.

+be mindful to rig and park your kite out of the main launching area. Metro has a limited "sweet spot" locate on top of the grassy knoll downwind of a gap in the trees. if kites are parked in the sweet spot it becomes difficult to avoid snags and find the room to launch. The main launch area is bigger than just the "sweet spot" too, the central lawn also sees launching traffic. Maybe only park kites on the outside of the knoll?

+roll up your lines if you dont foresee immediately relaunching your kite.

+lets be direct in our actions between the guardian trees and around the general entry/exit point. commit to coming in or going out, dont waffle around. kiters coming out have the right of way, give them space. if you're riding and having difficulty staying upwind, dont add to the problem and get stuck in the outgoing and incoming traffic.

+respect the windsurfers
I think somebody referred to "courtesies" a while back. Feels and sounds better than rules or regs.
Kyle.... Thank you for stepping up and saying something. It troubles me that this post has been around for about a week now and nobody cares to give any input. It seems to me that a few guys have their livelihood attached to this sport and should care a little more about preserving our launches like yourself. This is not about taking sides and being silent. This is about preserving something that could potentially be lost due to our own laziness. Personally I could care less about what somebody's financial gain is from being active is securing the long term access to launches in this sport. (Rumor has it there is already a big player in the indusrty trying to take it to another level with the government and if they get their way it will change the way we do everything in this sport). All I care about is that we have more than 3 voices coming up with ideas.

I worked hard in maintaining access to Harsens Island that past couple of years. Now we have pretty much lost it. Clay Twp had a changing of the guard and the new Chief of Police sees it different than the previous one. I spoke with him and pleaded our case but that is just it he only heard from me. One outside voice vs. the residents of the island and I lost. Now if you choose to park there and kite your fate rests in the mood of the officer and trust me if he is in a bad mood that session will cost you a few hundred dollars in fines and towing bills.

I spoke with the Park Super of Metro early this spring. He enjoys having us there. One thing I got from my conversation with him is that he has no clue on the dangers of our sport. We have an opportunity to show some responsibility and create some RULES as a group and keep it that way or face a different outcome. I'm not prepared to face a different outcome and I assure you that I will get involved long before that happens. I also assure you I will not be courteous in trying to get your opinion I will go to those who have been willing to help me in that past and go to the park with what we come up with. I also do not care who I upset in doing this because your opportunity to speak is now. If you cannot post on the forum email me your concerns and I will cut and paste them for you.

Somebody we all know once told me that "his sanctuary was the beach. That is where he goes to relive the stresses of life and if somebody tried taking that away from him he would get very defensive of it".

Steve Martin
I agree with Kyle.

I didn't add anything to this thread because I thought Kyle's contribution was already complete.
i totally agree guys. Being new to kiting at metro the one thing that i notice all the time which is a major pet peve is leaving your lines out. Metro is sucha dangerous launch site, having lines all over the place only makes it worse. Tryign to get through the trees at the shoreline is not fun and it is worse when you take a step and realize you are caught up in someones lines. take responsibility for your equipment, and the sport and try to keep our laucnhes open and safe. I dont want to sound like a jerk, but every "beginners guide" says to wrap up your lines so people dont trip on them. I will do anything to keep launches open, like most people, i'm tired of losing launch spots because a few people ruined it.
It looks like we are going to write down some guidelines specific to Metro and hand them out. Mostly they are going to be courtesies for the launch about keeping kites on the lawn and entering and exiting through the narrow gap between the trees.

Brian Lefeve came up with some for Tawas that he passes out to his students during camps. He is going to tailor them for Metro and I will post them here for you guys to comment on. I have spoken with Kyke and he is comfortable with the idea. Maybe Turtle can post them on Kite Mi in the launch information section.

Positive news is Metro put in a foot wash station by the drinking fountain on the outside of the bathrooms. I asked for it when I spoke to the park super this spring. He told me it was a good idea and he would look into it. I never expected him to follow through with it but by the looks of things he did. Cool thing is it shows that they are willing to work with us.
I will post the the details under the Metro riding spot once they are confirmed. Just forward them to me and I will get them up promptly.

I am spoiled at Strawberry Island, I have been at Metro only a handful of times this season. I will have to pull myself away from the Strawberry Fields for a Super Lifty Metro beach party real soon!

The big dog guardian tree is gone but some of these points are still relevant?
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