This was the first kiteboarding trip I've taken and it was great and definately worth it!

The downwinders were pretty important to me getting over the hump. Yes I am up and riding, finally. Though I still have to work on the heel side and transitions.

For lack of a better word the "broness" was no differant down there than up here. Everyone was there to have a good time but always available to help with a launch or advice if one needed it.

The weather picture perfect with temps in the mid 70's and steady winds every day, except for the extra day I decided to stay, in the 15 - 25 mph range. I was down there for seven days

I took lessons from Real kiteboarding the first two days and found the quality top notch. Very worth the investment.

On the third day I blew out a panel, $250.00. Yikes. But I was able to drop it off in Avon and get it back the next day.

But what the hell. I learned how to properly remove and insert bladders. While doing that I met alot of very cool people hanging out in Real's backyard.

Beyond that, as a travel note, food can be set you back a bit if you do the resturant thing each day in Rondanthe, though there is a Subway, if thats your thing.

While down there I also ran into Kyle, Kuban, Matt, Keegan, and couple of other guys from around here.