Just a heads up about Escanaba on Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. It's a great kite spot. Launch is from the south end of the Marina, really just south of the public swimming spot. No hassle from lifeguards. Good when wind from south in any direction. Off shore for the first 300 yards or so there are shallow areas where the swell will break up into nice chop with sharp peaks -- great for jumping. Out further in the bay (Bay de Noc) the swell can be big. I've kited all the way over to Stonington Peninsula -- about 15 minutes.

The real gem is just south and a little west of the launch spot. There is a series of flat sandbars and behind them is calm water. Nothing like motoring along in 20 knots of wind throwing out a HUGE roostertail!

Been there a number of times.

Also, if driving along the north shore of Lake Michigan on US 2 there are a number of good spots you can pull off to the side of the road, blow up your kite, and hit the water from a nice sand beach. Good for wind from south or west (the prevailing wind in the summer).