In the past few weeks i have seen several very sketchy launches that could have easily resulted in serious injury. The sad part is that each one was easily avoidable with either a pre-takeoff check of your lines (which should always take place!) and/or following the simple rule of 2 line lengths.

1. Always, as an absolute minimum you should have 2 line lengths or about 200ft between you and any downwind objects (including other riders!). I am seeing many riders getting too close to other riders (esp. beginners). This makes them very nervous and makes it more difficult for them to concentrate on their own riding, please give them their space.

2. Pre-flight check is a must. In an assisted launch have the launcher hold onto the kite at the edge of the wind window and check that there are no lines crossed or fronts attached to backs. When you are ready for the launcher to let go wave your hand. If you are the launcher give the kiter a few sec and when he appears set let go, DO NOT THROW THE KITE. If you must throw the kite to launch it you are out of the wind window and need to move backwards. The kite should slowly lift out of your arms if you are in the right position.