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Full Version: Check your lines....
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Joe B. wrote: "I checked my bar yesterday and was stunned to find out that every line had stretched making the kite feel twichey. Checking your bar is a really good thing to do. If one of your lines, particularly the leading edge lines, is off as little as two inches, your kite will misbehave. "

That's excellent advice. It's also helpful to know that you seldom need to move your knots or anything like that. Here is what I do:

1. Put your harness around a fixed pole, parking meter, fence post etc.. and shackle/fix your loop to the harness as you would normally. Make sure this is secure, cause your gonna .....

2. Go to the free end and match up the front and back lines.

3. Use a screw driver through the loops on the ends of the lines to pull each line seperate from it's matching line. Check to see which one is shorter.

4. Pull hard and steady on the shorter line until it is even with the longer one. Stretch it until it matches the longer matching line.

5. Repeat with the other two lines.

6. When you are finished, your front lines should be even with eachother. Also, your back lines should be even with eachother.

I've taken out up to three inches of stretch mismatch using this method.

The logic is that the longer one is stretched so you also need to stretch the shorter one, not move the knots.

Q. What causes this?
A. More often than "knot", it's caused by always kiteboarding on the same tack. Same beach, same wind, same conditions day after day... You start making your agressive moves and rotations all in the same direction and your lines stretch on one side and not the other.

Next time you are sitting around waiting for wind... unwind and stretch out!

Mike Urban
Naish Midwest Team
Steve Martin
Thanks for the excellent advice Mike. Your reply was exactly what I was looking for after reading Joe's note.

Thank you for the great write-up on checking the lines. From experience, I have needed to adjust my lines about every month while riding. The would equate to about 10 sessions. As Mike indicated, I do ride considerably different from one side to the other causing this stretching.

Joe Bidawid
some additional thoughts on this topic:

Normally if your back lines are not equall, this will be evident by an uneven bar while flying your kite in the nutral position. The problem is that most new kites work off the front lines, meaning that the front lines, the ones attaching to the chicken loop take all the pressure, which creates possible stretching problems. If your center lines stretch unevenly, you will have no visual aid as with the back lines (uneven bar). This means that your bar will look even while flying the kite in nutral but your center lines are not equal making the practise of checking your lines on a regular basis very important.

Joe Bidawid
Good topic to discuss.

I was out riding Little Sable last summer and noticed my back lines were uneven. My bar was about 4" out of wack. I came in because it felt like the back lines were getting more uneven the longer I rode. I came in and checked my lines and they looked fine. The next time I went to launch my kite - one of the back lines broke.

The lines stretched when the kite was under load and when i checked them without loading them up - they looked even.

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