Miller- Works best on East or West winds with a hint of North. The farther east or west the wind is, the smoother the water. On a Pure N/NE GIANT waves pound this beach and it may be better to head for St. Joe or Casino. Avoid when there is any South in the wind.

Safety- Lifeguards on the beach, and Fire/Rescue available from the Launch Ramps 3/4 mi West (Jestski Patrols in the summer)

Enter off Grand Ave through Miller and follow the one way loop into the park.

When the beach is closed, you can kite anywhere. I find the main parking lot is fine, with easy access to your car. It's also easy to see your car in an area which can get a little shady when the beach is closed.

When the beaches are OPEN, please pass the Old Bathing Pavillion and take the little exit to the right into the fart WEST parking areas. This is indicated on the photo above. Park in the farthest WEST spot and hike over the dunes about 50M with your stuff. I always see police patrolling the area in the summer when the park is active, however I never leave anything of value in the car.

This is the plan we negotiated with the Fire Department and Gary Lifeguards. They have been very cooperative and we thank them for their support.

NO ALCOHOL IN THE PARK! FINE:$150 They will open your cooler and check it.

Naish Midwest Team