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Full Version: handles to bar
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I have a kite and I am looking to change from the use of 2 handles to using a control bar. does any one have any ideas on how to do it?

any help will be great
dan cote
buy a new kite

p.s. i have a couple if interested

dan cote
We had this question come up on my forum a few weeks ago.

its a pretty easy conversion. It will be a 2 line kite and if it has brake lines those will be your safety & relaunch lines. You have your flying lines on the end of the bar and a leash line through the hole and attached to your brake lines.

Here is what the ozone setup looks like.

hope that helps,
- DC
The trick, if your kite likes to have some break-line tension like my Crossfire, is to get the line lengths correct. Too much, you lose the power of the kite; too little, and the kite races to the edge of the window too quickly.
is to get the line lengths correct. Too much


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