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Full Version: Montrose Beach- Chicago
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IF anyone is thinking about coming out to kite at MOntrose in Chicago, please take a moment and contact me, or go to and read up on our self-policing rules. No matter what time of year, kiteboarding is always on thin ice at Montrose. The local police and lifeguards would like for all of us to go away and are looking for an opportunity to make it happen.

So far we have avoided most conflicts with the City of Chicago by following a few guidelines to keep it safe.

Chicago Beaches officially open on Memorial Day Weekend and are now officially closed. The police have allowed us to enjoy watersports at the beaches with an "at your own risk" policy.

I'll try to find a way to post the information here along with diagrams and aerial photographs of the location.

Thanks for your help in keeping kiteboarding safe and fun in CHicago.

Also, Ill try to post information about Gary/Marquette Beach, Hammond, and the Windsurfing Paradise of Wolf Lake.

(708) 466-7839

Here is a test plan for kiteboarding at Montrose in Chicago. The RED area represents an area to avoid 100% of the time there are swimmers in the water, and also when possible even if the swimmers are outof the water.

When in the ORANGE area, its time to get back upwind or head in.

The Green Zone is shared space with windsurfers, kiteboarders, kayaks, sailboats, etc....

The Ideal Kite Run is well offshore allowing you plenty of time to drop the kite, roll it up, and drift in through the swimmers etc.


Also, don't get outside of the hook as there are darn few safe areas to come in downwind of Montrose. There are plenty of areas with metal seawalls, jagged rocks, I-Beams sticking up etc... It's a couple of miles down to North Ave which is protected from the ice with I I I I I I I I a wall of metal posts stickig up out of the water. Stay inside the Montrose Hook!

Montrose Beach is looking good for kiteboarding. The water temp was up around 50 F today. It looks like a nice layer of sand was deposited by the last NE storm that blew in, and it's covered lots of the winter garbage.

I also noticed that the beaches at North Ave have been "sanded" by the park district front end loaders etc. Perhaps they will be doing some digging at M as well.

We are launching from the DOG Beach, west, end until the beaches open at the end of May.

Rigging can be done in the grass, then carry your kite down to the beach for launching.

Use caution for loose dogs. If you have a roblem with dogs, please call 311 to report pesky dogs or owners. If you are in danger of being attacked, call 911 Emergency. I have asked Officer Eichten CPD to increase enforcement of the dog ordinance in this area.

Please let me know if you have a problem.

Naish Midwest Team
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