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Full Version: Spring Winds (i.e warm air/cold water combo)
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Tim Blanchard

As we are now rapidly approaching the riding season just wanted to put out some weather info.

Being early in the season, the only time it is bareable to ride is with the warmer Southerly winds. Often there will be a huge wind forecast ie 15-25kts or more with these warm air masses pulled up by strong low pressure systems moving to our north.

The reality is that you will normally, as you approach the beach find that the wind drops signifigantly. Locally on Lake Erie there are times early in the year that it can be blowing over 25kts 5 miles inland, but upon arriving at the beach find barely enough wind to even move the flags.

This is the dreaded DOOMING EFFECT as we called it in the windsurfing days. The cold, dense pool of air about the frigid water resists being moved by the warm strong winds aloft. This usually results in super "lifty" condtitions where it may be 10kts as ground level and over 25kts at 100feet (where the kite is at neutral). This can result in flat water condtions with huge hangtimes. Never talk to a Great Lakes surfer about this phenomenon, it totally pisses them off.

Just wanted to pass that bit of weather knowledge on to those new to the sport. Beware of putting up a big kite on these days as once the kite gets to neutral you may find yourself way overpowered.

On these type of days I put up a trainer kite to assess the wind before rigging up my inflatable kite. Saves time and can prevent you from really getting spanked.


We get the same thing here on Lake Michigan obviously for the same reason. When I have proposed the "cold dense are above the water pushes the moving air up...path of least resistence" thing I would get blank stares. Good point on the wind being there up high. So what...40 meter lines, don't go too far from shore in the cold water in case you drop it, and keep the kite high I guess.

Have fun in Hatteras, planning on getting down there April 1-10, for your trip and mine this time of year can be mild or chilly but anything beats watching the wind move the slush around!

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