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Full Version: C to the 5th Power
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So as Ive been spending more time on bow/flat/shallow C/SLE/Hybrid kites Im finding my affection for the 5 Line traditional C shaped kite just grow and grow.

I recognize the advantages of the flatter kites. Certainly performance in surf is better due to the added depower and "back floating" nature allowing the rider to forget about the kite and ride the wave. These kites build mad apparent wind and cruise upwind real good like. Easy water relaunch and the ability to turn power off is nice too. An expanded wind range is not a bad thing either.

Ill take a 5th line C though all day long. Two things that I love: 1.Consistent behaviour and relaunch or self rescue when the kite is released during unhooked mahnoovers or emergency sitches. 2.Smoother power/depower in sheeting the bar, not a herkey on/off deal. The kites I fly seem to depower very nicely also and no self launch self land issues.

Really, if you're not unhooking alot and dropping the bar (gotta be squezzin on dem tennis balls now) then the flat bowies are a great option and really you should be the judge, try'em both and see what you think.

Im sure everyone has a take, whatchyou thinK?
Totally agree.

I will say though that, the SLE will be my kite choice on the snow. The Waroo definatly handles those gusty inland winds better, without luffing out of the sky.

As for water, you nailed it.
C kites fly much smoother and are more predictable, when riding unhooked.
So, who wants to hook me up with some solid C kites in 07?

Noa, My 05 18M Rhino you flew and my 06 14M Rhino may be up for sale soon. I got my eyes on a 06 20M Rhino, so I would need to get a 16M and off my 14M.

If you have any interest give me a call.

On that note....Michael Nesler, JN kites. The guy is a legendary kite designer. He amazingly predicted these bowkite/c-kite differences in theory before they were fleshed out through experience. check it,
All in the C arugument, I've tried the flat/bow kites and just have never got the same ride out of them. I can see where their advantages are but I just can't give up my bull-dozer, rip you out of your shorts, unhooked goodness of the C.

KK, I've started riding that 16 in pretty much everything...I know the feeling
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