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Full Version: Inflating a kite with your mouth
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It cannot be done.
Tom, I think all would get a chuckle out of it.
I learned this one the hard way. Last Friday while I was up north with the family I shot up to Glen Haven to cash in on the NE wind. When I got there it looked like perfect 16 conditions small waves with whitecaps everywhere. I quickly unloaded the car and discovered I forgot my pump back in Frankfort. I was not ready to give up so I stopped and thought about my options for a minute and decided I could inflate my kite by mouth. I could not get enough pressure in the struts and started on plan B.

Plan B was to buy a pump from one of the local beach or camping shops. Nothing but over priced foot pumps in Glen Arbor and Empire. I searched every possible store in those two towns and came up empty handed.

At this point I decide to make the 31 mile drive of shame back to Frankfort. I even gave it one last shot at the Platt River store and they had nothing.

Here comes the biggest kicker. I was driving my brother-in-laws car and when I got back and told the family what happened he proceeds to tell me that he has a cigarette lighter air compressor in the car.

So in a nut shell regardless of what you see in videos you cannot inflate a kite with enough pressure to hold it's shape by mouth.
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