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Full Version: broken chicken loop lines
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dan cote
while out riding on monday i had my ckicken loop line break on me on one of my bars. luckily i have another bar so i switched to that one. the next day while out riding my chicken loop line on that bar broke as well.

just a warning to people to be cautious and take a look at your lines before u go out to make sure that they are not fraid or damaged because it sucks when u don't a bar to use when one or your lines break

i ran across a post on kiteforum about this problem and some of the guys recomend waxing the line or putting a peice of tubing around it if u can fit it. there was also some other sailing stuff that u could use but it sounded like it costs alot of money.

just be aware of the conditions of your lines

dan cote
Tin Man
Tim told be a while back to wax my lines and have been doing it ever sence... Seems too work great. candle or a bar of surfboard wax.

Just my 2 cents
do you melt the wax in a pot and dip it in or just rub it on the line?
hey mike.. hows things in the great white north?

i just rub it in once a month or so... more if needed... depending on use.

hopefully soon I'll get up your way kiteing

right on. Season's been great so far.
We'll probably be down sometimes this fall to ride you're legendary wave spot!
lately been great with all this north west winds..... last night there was about 20 surfers out at the peir in GB////

Give me a call when it is going to be good up your way.

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