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Full Version: Rescuing your Buddy? Watch the Lines!
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In the past weeks Ive had a few rescue mishaps that resulted in trashed lines.

The first is a classic: Ride a jet ski up to your pal to giv'em a lift and suck the lines into the impeller - all over but the cuttin. This one required cutting all five lines of a Shift bar and a bill from the jetski repair shop, not a cheap mistake.

The second is a new one to me. I rode out to help a fellow kiter who'd smashed their kite and popped the valve and collapsed the leading edge. After I was assured that the person was ok and would make it in no problem I dropped my kite into the power to ride away and felt my board sea anchor. Wasnt sure what was up but quickly realized my board had caught a line(s). Thankfully no injury but my TFC 5cm fin had slashed a line, fortuately in this case the 5th line.

So look out when rescuing and if your down in the water and help is coming it is best to wind your lines in an organized and efficient manner.

Good advice, I have had a couple of first hand experiences with the line eating jet skis. I was out on the west side a few weeks ago when then wind died while I was out a ways. A very nice girl on a jet ski came over to see if I was ok, I was still wraping up my lines and luckly was able to stop her before we both got stuck out there in a worse situation.

Another time I spent a few hours underneith a jet ski with Turtle cutting and tearing his lines out from the impeller. We managed to clear it out and get the jet ski running again but there was nothing left of the lines.

Also if the lines do get caught and you are still hooked in or even with your leash on you can get sucked in towards the jet ski if it isn't shut off quickly. Body parts in the impeller would be much worse than lines.
I have had the fortune of picking up a couple of you with my seadoo. The easiest way that i have found to do it is have the kiter lower the kite to the driver of the seadoo. Then shut of the machine and have the kiter start wrapping the lines up on the bar and swim towards the drifting machine. Once he/she is close enough to the machine, grab the bar from him/her and let them hop on(facing backwards) finish wrapping the lines/ undo the larks head, clear the lines, start it up and head home.
Obviously, this will only work if the driver is a kiter too.
Main thing here: WATCH THE LINES!
I have had the good forturne of being picked up by Brent on his seadoo!

Something that has worked well for me when being picked up by boat, seadoo etc. is for the boat driver to undo the lines from the kite completely and then have the kiter wrap them up on his bar.

In the case of someone picking you up who is not familiar with kites I have put my kite in the water, worked my way up the kite, undone the lines from the kite and wound them up then they are not an issue.

It may take a few minutes longer but has worked well for me and once the lines are wrapped up makes the pickup much easier.


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