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Full Version: Harsens Island Parking
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Heard from a local kiter that while setting up his kite this past Thursday in the cul-de-sac he got run by some type of police official. The officer said "No Parking" and was not aware of any midweek toleration. There were no boats in the bay.

So, unknown at this juncture what the status is. No parking Memorial - Labor day?

Just be aware that if you drive out to the 'Moot you should be prepared to be asked to getuponouttathere. If so, please be respectful of the requesting authority, positive interaction from kiters will help our cause in the end.

Solution: Bring a bicycle. Drop off your gear at the cul-de-sac, drive back and park at the boat launch, then pedal on back. A little effort but may be worth it.

we got booted on the 4th.....ended up going to Eric's place.... where is the boat launch?
I think it is a DNR boat launch, about 2 miles down the road, just north of Walkers Landing party store/gas dock.

Ill bring the Stumpjumper next time.
Steve Martin
Original thread about from August, 2005 if you're interested

Has anyone talked to the Clay Township police, or any other authorities about this in the last few days? I'll call if no one else has.
I just noticed this thread. I've got a hunch on what is going on but I hope I'm wrong. I have a feeling they have been having problems with the party in the moot and have decided to enforce the no parking law again. I hope it's just because of the holiday and they want to keep it open in case of emergency with the heavy boat traffic on the lake

They did put in the parking spots which is the new gravel along the north side of the circle. I'm not sure if the code was ever changed to allow for parking those spots only. Remember if the new will only allow for 6 cars in those spots.

I will give the Clay Twp. Sheriff a call on Monday.
I called Clay Twp. this morning and got the voice mail to the new Chief of Police. It's seems the gentleman I was working with last year has retired and we have a new chief in town.

Let's hope this guy is as understanding as the last.
Steve Martin
Thank you for calling.
Tom, I am sure I speak for all of us. Thank you for taking the lead on this.

Chief Drake just called me back.

Good news is he is just as understanding as Chief Eder.
Bad news is there is new opposition to access to that area.

It seems they problems have escalated out there with the parties. Currently they park there and take the ticket which is only $10.00 without a worry. That is going to change in the very near future. The twp and county are increasing the fine to a much higher level and will be changing the code to make it a tow away zone. They have received numerous complaints from the home owners in opposition to allowing any parking at all. It looks like we will still get limited parking but not much.

Currently Chief Drake does not recommend parking in the area. The code is in place to allow for parking on the gravel area only but it is not complete until "designated parking area" sign are posted.

The signs should be in place shortly. When they are if you park outside of that area you will get a ticket and your car will be towed. It will be expensive because they are trying to send a message to those who feel they are above the law including us.

I asked about dropping gear off at the site and biking back. He said that was a great idea and suggest doing it until the signs are posted.

Keep in mind they are having a major problem out there and their main goal is to eliminate it. They want to be able to allow very limited use of the area but it is not their main focus. If they cannot get the limited use to work, the area will be closed to all parking.

I've got my fingers crossed on this one.
I have been looking for an excuse to ride my bike anyway! I think if we all show effort and follow the rules, The local residents and authorities will respect our efforts and perhaps even work harder to help us(kiters). I dont have a boat and I hate riding in the poo tank as Eric puts it so eloquently. Therefore the more options we have the better. While on the subject, I remember an article in one of the many fine kiting rags on some group of locals forming a kiter militia. An informal group of dedicated locals who act as safeguards for their local beaches. Maybe its time that we as the LSC association try something to that effect. I'm not suggesting a police state but it seems that we veterans can no longer rely on others to police themselves because as you can see the tolerance for incidents is rapidly decreasing as our sport grows faster than ever. And I will end here so that others can give feedback. I really do care about this sport and will try anything to make it better not only for me but others as well!

by the way, thanks fellowcountryman!
mta ... be careful if you ride that bike to much you may need to get a smaller kite. biggrin.gif
Yesterday I was asked if by parking there we where escalating the problem more and giving the police a bad impression of us? My answer is no we are not the ones they are trying to get rid of. If you do park there understand that you may get a ticket and be a peace with it.
Steve Martin
Sounds like we're not supposed to park here anymore after reading the Metro Beach thread at

I didn't know anything about Harsens being a problem.
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