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Full Version: Water in bladder
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Somehow I managed to get about 3 gallons of water in the bladder of the leading edge of my 18m. I got most of the water out by pulling the bladder and having my wife stand on the deck above me holding the ends. The only water remaining in the bladder is moisture and will not come out.

I have a few questions that need answers before I finish this little project. Will the little bit of remaining moisture cause any problems? When putting the bladder back in do I need to use baby powder or can I use something a little manly like Gold Bond?

JD Valintino
Don't worry about the remaining water. After you pump up your kite it will evaporate. I've had many swimming days where my bladder filled with water and all I have done is get as much out as I could without pulling out my bladder.

Now putting the bladder back in. I have done this without any powder, but if you are having odor problems with the kite maybe a little gold bond will help.
Tom, I don't think Gold Bond will harm your kite's bladder.
I do agree with JD about the moisture, although you could pump your kite up and deflate it while holding it windtips up.
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