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Full Version: Pelee Island
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Has anybody kited there yet?

I just read an article about the place in a boating magazine and it sounds like it has potential. It has overnight accomodations and a fairly regular ferry schedule. I'm thinking it might be a good place to spend a couple of days with a good east or west forcast.
Tim Blanchard

Mika camped there last summer and got a sick SW wave day. He said the waves were sick and there is a ton of potential there. He did a downwinder nearly the entire stretch of the island.

Brent and I have talked about trying to organize a fall event for the island for years and a crossing which we may do this year. Works on any wind direction. Gets huge waves on a East/ NE with a shale reef ringing the east side of the island. The biggest observed seas in the great lakes at 30-40ft was measure by a freighter just off the island in a big NE in the 1980's.

Brent and Mika, help me out here with more info. Mika did u get any pics from your trip there last year?

My eyes are peeled on Peelee! I'm in!
Well, Pelee the hidden gem. I have been to this piece of paradise all of my life. The fishing is top notch and it is a fun spot to party. Last summer i brought along my 16m on a fishing trip to the islands from my cottage. The fishing started to suck, but the wind was filling in. I rode off the shore of Pelee out to a couple un-inhabited islands with my neighbor following in his boat. All i could think about was how good this place must get on any wind direction, simply move to the side of the island with the right direction of wind. The crossing has to be done, it is 16miles from Kingsville to the island. I could round up some support boats. In high season there is 2 ferrys that run. In the start of the spring/summer the ferry runs from Leamington, then in July(I think) it departs from Kingsville. It is a 1hr or so crossing time. The bigger ferry does have a bar on it. Cars and boats, etc can be loaded on the ferry as well. There are a couple camp grounds, B & B's, one hotel, one bar,one winery(excellent wines) one beer store and 2 cops. This place is a blast on any holiday weekends. The un-inhabited islands are a blast to camp on. I have done this a bunch of times with my dad back in the day and it is like being in the middle of an ocean. Check out this link . I plan on camping there this summer a few times. It is a whole other world.
Brent :twisted:
Timmy, i will send you a picture to post of one of the deserted islands.
The more I read about this place the more I'm interested in renting a place or camping for a long weekend. Some of us need to make it a priority to get over there this season. I have an 18 ft. bowrider that I can bring but I'm sure about being in one of the big lakes on it when it is rough.

I've seen some phots of the uninhabited islands around there and they look inviting.
Tim Blanchard
here is a pic of east sister island just off of pelee island.


I have kited at Pelee Island as well. I went down to the south most tip of the island (southwest corner). SE wind that particular day. This created an awesome flat water area on the lee side (West) of the point.

This area is a park so no access problems.

A couple of observations,

The bugs mosquitos, flies etc can be EXTREMELY ferocious. When your exposed to the wind, no problem, otherwise insanity is not far away as we found the bugs literally drove us inside.

As Brent mentioned, a support boat is a must, due to off shore winds if you ride lee side of point. Also we found that water drops off quickly.

I don't know what the access is like on the east and west side of the island, the beaches look great but are they private?

If the wind is up enough for kiting take the ferry as the sea conditions will make for a very unpleasant trip in a small boat ie. 18 foot ski boat.
Better to trailer the boat over on the ferry.

There are a couple of flights a day over to the island from the windsor and leamington airports.

What is very cool is that the island is deserted most of the time so you will almost certainly have any kiting spot to yourself.

Could be a great trip with the right winds.

don pitcher
Here is a nautical chart of the western Erie Islands.
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