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Full Version: New Bling on my Hog!
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Luke War
Haha! That's got to be the stupidest, and COOLEST, thing I've seen in a LONG time man...

Maybe I should get some of those for my Saturn wagon, what do ya think?
After riding yesterday Luke helped me out with the latest upgrade!!!

The women and children run for the hills when they see the hog rolling by!

Luke War
The Puch is lookin' better and better everyday man...when are you gonna ride it into work?

I was thinking...what about streamers for the handlebars or a giant american flag off the back for the next upgrade?
[quote name='Luke War' date='Jul 30 2007, 10:36 AM' post='506']

I was thinking...what about streamers for the handlebars

Brian & I already suggested that idea...Joel's waiting for the "Rainbow" colored streamers to arrive!!!
Luke War
Jerry, Joel and myself sticking it to "The Man" while causing mass chaos and panic riding The Hog through Lakewood Monday evening.

Now there's a new gang in Cleveland....we just need a few more hogs so we dont have to share...
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