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Full Version: November 2006 Trip
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If one were to plan a group (5-10) Kiteboarding trip in November (like the 8th to 15th), where would be some good kiting destinations.

I was thinking of staying in the US, but who knows. A rental house would be the most economical. If I can keep the cost down I am sure I could get a decent group togather.

Looking not be wearing a wetsuite if possible, speedo only!

How is Hatteras in November?

Help a Turtle out!
That's hurricane season so here is what you do to be guaranteed wind. Wait until the last minute to see where the hurricane is that week and go there. I'm positive that you will get cheap lodging, airfare because everybody will be heading in the opposite direction. If you catch it at the right time you can use your speedo as your kite and ride in the buff.

Just think about it as Jim Cantore is doing his live feed on the weather channel a naked kiteboarding turtle being pulled around by a speedo goes by in the background. Now that would be "priceless".

^^^ best post thus far!!! ... hilarious
Steve Martin
I'm in for a speedo run...


Hatteras is good in November and I would also agree with Tommy smile.gif

I got some information on South Padre Island in Texas for mid November. The locals say it is still about 70 average temp, but it can get down to 50 or up to 80. I have a local shop looking into some lodging and a house on the ocean rental. Prices and detials to follow!

Has anyone even been to South Padre Island TX? Do tell!
In Nov?

Turtle Cam Nov 2004
I am up for being a ginny Turtle and strapping on a head cam for this adventure. Once I make it into the eye things should calm down enough so I can get on my blackerry and give everyone an update. I ordered a case of Nair, so I will look silky smooth for my first national TV appearence.

Is it harder to kite when the wind is blowing in a circle?

South Padre is good in November. water is consistently waist high for miles. The weather is sub-tropical which means it can get cold in the winter. That time of year, you are looking at temp between 60-80.

Tickets are around $450 from Detroit to Brownsville via Houston on Continental. SPI is 45 a 30 minute drive from Brownsville. Check out this amazing post by Chicago's Mike Urban:

As far as shops, South Padre Island Kiteboarding is the one you want to go with as far as local knowledge and lessons. Brenda (owner) is usually around that time of year and manger Cliff Stone is the local legend. Both Brenda and Cliff are great people but they are not going to be that stoked about the speedo smile.gif

Joe Bidawid
That was a SWEET write up on SPI!

Thanks for the shop referral also, I will drop your name when I call them.

The Turtle looks much better with clothes on, so I will leave the Speedo in MI.

South Padre is good

SPI is a really cool place. I'm really lucky because my Dad bought a house close to the beach on the gulf side. We have a crew headed down there in a few weeks.

This year has been unreal it has been much warmer than normal and the wind has been great. I think they had 25 ridable days in January or something like that.

Its a great place to visit is usually warm unless there is a north wind, then you might need a wetsuit. Nice and shallow and wind is reliable due to thermals that will blow most every day.

I have a bunch more info posted on my site, check it out.

I have been to hatteras and SPI. SPI is my favorite for spring and fall because its no wetsuit almost all the time. Hatteras can be streamer or drysuit at the same time of year.

- DC
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