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Full Version: snow session at MSU
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hey all, so tom, ryan and i went out riding this morning at munn field at MSU. it was gusty but decent wind speed and barely an inch of snow so edging was a bit iffy. this was really my first time riding on the snow(other than a 50' ride in 6mph, yeah) we had a great time. i got dragged completely across the field (without my board on). ryan needs to gain some weight or not fly a 12m in that wind. tom was rocking it. so heres a little vid of our session. nothing great really didn't take much footage cause i wanted to ride, but heres what we got. couple shots and then one of my rides

suggestions , comments, concerns all welcome. i need all the help i can get.
comments are cool.

example: you guys really suck and its the worst footage ive ever seen. or it was cool i liked it. or none of care that u rode the other day and dont post more movies.
Tim Blanchard
I am unable to watch the video, have soud but screen is blank??

Quicktime provided audio but no footage???

if the first one didnt work for you try this. thanx for letting me know it didnt work

Looks like you guys managed to have some fun and get some rides out there. A bit more wind to work with than when I was up there fer sure. Nice controlled ride, its a bit easier than on the water eh?

Kite leash always a good idea. This easy step can save you some costly repairs and much more importantly not allow a run away kite to wrap around some poor souls neck or wrist and skin'em clean. And always keep a phatty buffer from downwind objects and people, especially in those erratic inland winds. Accidents happen fast, ask anybody who has had one.

I think your kite may be oversheeted - too much back line tension. This is evidenced by the flaired out leading edge wing tips and tendency for the kite to stall and fall backwards. Lengthen the back steering lines or shorten the front flying lines a bit and youll get a more efficient, powerful, and responsive apparatus.

It is sweet y'all got a Sparty crew there. Hopefully winter holds strong and good conditions set in. Gotta explore them mid michigan farm expanses!

Keep pushin, keep postin

Nice vid. Sketchy location? Litlle bit. I agree with K.K tweak the kite lines and you will have an even easier time riding.
B :twisted:
hey thanx kyle. ill definitely check out your suggestions. i had a leash on fyi. yeah were def. scoping out some of the farm land. cant wait to get few more rides in.

kyle: good to meet you again.
Def was a sketchy location, best shot we had to get out before class started for the day though :? Should have got some shots of the peoples faces on their walk to class that morning....priceless
You Guys are so lucky here i am have everything in the car and no snow or ice to go out. so keep the clips coming i like to see other people out enjoying the time

Tim F
Nice to see someone else kiting in the area. Lake Lansing is great when/if it freezes. The East Lansing soccer fields are a good spot and pretty open. Works well with any wind but a North. The Hope soccer complex off of Aurelius is a good place to practice and Landboard. They lock it up during the winter, but I've been thinking about poaching if we get some snow.

Let me know when you guys are riding

Really cool video. Now you gotta get some footage of somebody huckin'.

I've ridden that spot before, wrapped my kite around a light pole on the East side of the field.
That was fun, cause it was a 2 line foil, and there was no damage.

The other thing I noticed besides how gusty the wind was, I found quite a bit of gravel on Munn field that really chewed up my board
EL soccer complex has nice sod, give it try.

Repeater here: "more front line tension will speed the kite up."

Funny how depowering the kite helps in heavy wind, but also in light wind.
It really gets the kite to climb out of those (backwards taco) stalls pretty well, up to a point.

Keep up the good work.

Get out to the EL soccer complex.
That is the best spot on a W-wind.

Hope to see you guys on the big lake!

Great to find out there are some more kiters here in lansing. We will def all have to get out to check out those fields with you guys the next time it is even possible sad.gif
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