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Full Version: Michigan Events and Points Series
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Steve N
So I have been kicking this idea around for about 10 years (yes snowkiting has been going on that long). At first I dreamed of a racing series of snowkiting events. Reeds Lake (the event is still running - 11 years now), White Lake (1 year about 10 years ago) and Lake Macatawa (never happened).
Anyway this year it is going to happen! The format will be very "open" to allow organizers of events the freedom to do what they want. Below is a list of current dates and basic (yes they can change) rules. Any money,ideas, new events, money, or anything else you might like to see is welcomed. We want to make this very organizer and rider friendly. Here we go:

The Midwest Big Points Series (or better name when someone comes up with it)

January 21
11th annual Reeds Lake Ice Fly
Grand Rapids, Michigan.

January 27,28 and 29
Polar Open Snow Kiteboarding Event
Gladwin, Michigan

February 18-20
Traverse City Event
Location and info to be annouced

Here is my take on it or the first attempt at writing rules.

Each event can running any type of competition they want. Sliders,
freestyle, racing, best trick, bikini.
We don't really care. Each event can have up to 3 events to award points.
If no events happen, the organizer can give awards to those riders who
stepped up in any way the promoter felt was appropriate. i.e.. helped
people, tried to ride in no wind, etc.

BIG Points
10,000,000 for 1st place in an event
8,000,000 for 2nd
6,000,000 for 3rd
5,000,000 for 4th
4,000,000 for 5th
3,000,000 for 6th
2,000,000 for 7th
1,000,000 for 8th

I hope you now understand the idea of BIG points. (should we give out one hundred million instead?)

We add up all the points at the end of the year and declare the top overall
rider in Michigan.

Organizers are responsible for reporting the points to: (name of the
official director of the Michigan Big Points Snowkiting Series) Maybe we
can come up with a name the has a cool a Acronym - like EAT SNOW or POWDER
or heck I don't know. How about Mi Big P SS (insert vowel) AKA the yellow
snow series

Give out a trophy or some kind of really ridiculous thing to the winner.
Maybe we could plan a banquet at the last event (whenever that may be). Get
some schwag from a couple of companies.

Any one else have thoughts or ideas please email or post them.

dan cote
Hey Steve

I really like the idea and i hope that you can get together with other event organizers to get this going.

P.S. I really like the idea of the bikini contest.

Dan Cote
Our site for the Polar Open is live Make your reservations early, I expect the snowmobile rentals and resort will be sold out by 12/31/05.

If you guys want me to organize the other two events in conjuction with the Polar Open I would be more than happy to. I can add sections to either our website or make additional pages on Just some ideas I have is a rider profile page to register, point standings page after each event, pictures and videos of each event. If you want to call it something like the Polar Open Snow Kite Series or Michigan Polar Open Series I can just use our site as a main page an d adding each event under the main heading. Feel free to give me a call at (586) 201-4603 if you want to discuss it.

I dig the idea of 3 organized events each winter to look forward to and I am sure others will be to. I plan on attending each of these events this winter and can round up a group from Metro Detroit to go along.

See you soon!
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