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Full Version: Las Vegas Lake Mead Kiteboarding
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I am heading to Las Vegas on business March 21-25, 2006 and was wondering if any kiteboarding spots exist on Lake Mead or the nearby area.

If you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

I tried online searches and can not come up with anything.

Help a Turtle out!

There was an article in Kiteboarding Mag a while back about Vegas Kiting. See if you can dig one of those issues up.
Steve Martin
A local Ontario kiter moved out to Vegas. I'll send you his private email address and he can help if you doesn't reply here.
here is the post from Dylon who moved
to vegas earlier this year. He posted a Good Bye
message under the pseudonyme of 'Kiteboarder'
on the forum on Feb 17th. 2005. I went
back and read it. The e-mail address given
" "
So you could check with him.
Steve Martin
I think Scott moved out there before that although I can't find his email address at the moment.
Brar, thanks for the email. I did send one several days ago, but no response yet.

Bob Log, I can download each issue of the past years Kiteboarder Magazines online. Any idea what issue the Las Vegas / Lake Mead article might have been in? Do you know what the cover looked like?

Any help is appreciated, I hate to go somewhere warm and not get in some water time!

I'm pretty sure it was in kiteboarding mag not kiteboarder. It was awhile back I'm not really sure when. You can check this out too:

There might be some info for you there.
That is just what I was looking for.

Thanks - John

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