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Full Version: line length
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winter is right around the corner, and i'm wondering, does anyone really use shorter line lengths when they start snow kiting? If so, where exactly do you get them. and how much does it affect the kites performance? i'll be rocking a 13m diesel, and that will probably be my only kite this winter obviously i'm not going to need all that power to cruise the snow. right??


Last year I was on my 14M most of the time with 20 meter lines. The short lines are nice in the winter because you want to spend as little time as possible rigging. Also, where I ride before the lakes freeze there are quite a few lamp posts so the shorter lines help judge the distance to them.

The kite may be a bit quicker on the shorter lines.
You can use shorter line and it might make the kite a bit more managable for when you start. But it's not necessary. If you have some, then use them. But I wouldn't go out of my way to get a set of shorter line.

Most of us around here use the same set of line as in the summer.

If you really want some, stores should be able to sell you a set. The smaller you will probably find is 20m (65ft).
Or the other option is to get a spool of Q-Power line and you can cut that line to whatever length you want. They come in 250ft and 500ft if I'm not mistaken. Some store carry those spools.
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