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7 Jan 2012
Saw this over on kiteforum. Was in Tawas for the New Year and had some juicy wind, but still don't have the balls to brave the big lake in January. Maybe some day.

Thinking spring, and excited that days are getting longer. Would embed if I knew how to do that stuff. Enjoy.


29 Aug 2011
Not sure about your local spot, but the weekends in Tawas have been shaping up to be underpowered. So far this year have only pulled out the 9m once, over Easter. (Possible I have spent too much time at the office, but can only count a few weekdays missed this summer). Shouldn't have been a big surprise to race out to the beach on Friday night and not be able to stay up wind. Ended the session cursing and irritated, tons of F-bombs. Pissed that I needed extensions and the skimboard AGAIN. Even questioned my decision to let my old 18m go a few months back.

But that big lake Huron wind, she knows how to tease, and how to rope me right back in......

Woke up Saturday morning with no thoughts about riding Saturday or Sunday, until the North wind kicked in about 1 o'clock. Got a ride a few miles north of our place and started the session slightly underpowered, but less concerned because I had 5 or so miles to go before I hit Tawas point. The wind built steadily as my fellow board rider and I enjoyed the hair dryer steady North wind. Hit the point and was FINALLY powered. Have a massive heal dent in my surfboard to prove it after working on my strapless airs for over an hour(board still rides great). Not ready for any Youtube highlights, but stomped a couple big ones, so sweet when the wind holds that board to my feet. Nothing like a steady north wind for us regular footers to get some nice kickers in Tawas.

Returned stoked and checked the wind for Sunday, not believing for a second that we would get any East in the big North wind heading our way. Sunday morning woke up to the sound of waves, but wind was offshore at the house. Had ridden a north a few weeks ago with a little too much west for me. Didn't want to be the first to make the trek to Caseville from Tawas. Mowed the lawn and waited for it to turn. It turned onshore enough at 10:20. Took the 9 to the beach just in case and rigged it hoping it would be enough. Dicked around getting off the beach with a little self launch all covered up from the wind. Lake looked raw as the wind was ripping up the water. Hoped I could hit the gas to get through the surf rolling in. Could see the windline on the water, but still didn't have the faith. Hit the windline and that kite took off as if it was angry I had kept it in the bag all summer. It hasn't seen that much blow since Brazil. Rode through swells over my head on the way out. Took a page from my dawg BC and did some up-winding as the wind picked up. Then turned started looping that kite, and rode the biggest faces I have ever experienced in the big lake. Rode up, down, heelside, toeside, powered, looped, til the wind died (to 12m weather) a few hours later.

Wind gods smiled on Tawas this past weekend. Hope they smiled on you too, there's no better feeling than being in the right place at the right time and scoring a session.

24 Apr 2011
Was a little concerned this past Saturday when I went to the beach at 10am. The TBR crew had the place all to ourselves. Matt rode his 7m and washed the salt off from Brazil, he claimed he was a little underpowered. Safety Jason rocked a 12m, making sure he maintained a living on the edge, overpowered profile. I rode a 9m and tried out my new stick, 6' fish, quad fin set-up to start, and switched to my skim about an hour in. New board is good. It is super fast, and really holds on the turns. Need some more time on it to feel totally comfortable, but it gives me the nice big deck I was hoping for to catch some more of the sloppy waves that we get on the SW. Got a few little rides, but there was too much W to get the good stuff.

The point is totally changed this year with the water being down. Where we could ride on the inside last year, is littered with small sand islands and only inches deep. Later in the session I tried to ride my skim through there, but it is so shallow, you can't keep an edge. There is a sweet barrier island that formed on the second sandbar off the point, and I imagine it will be freestyle heaven, along with a great showcase on a SW to watch people boost it. My goal for the year is to olley my board into my hand so I can start doing some aerial stuff. Hopefully boosting that island is possible for the strapless crew.

I will await some other opinions, but if the point stays the same I think that thermal that some believe was stolen by Atlantis the past few years will return to Tawas for this summer. There is usually some more sand movement, but it is shaping up to be different than it has been for the past 7 years out there.

I was happy to see some of the local crew showing up as we left. A big apology(half-hearted) for poaching the best wind. Buoys were reading 25-28 knots.

It was my first water session for the year. Water took my breath away time after time as I tried to control the speed on my new surfboard. Strapless with boots sucks compared to the bare feet, harder to get the dogs moved around, and to feel that board. Wasn't one of my best performances, but a great way to start the season. As 9 is my small kite, it was a gnarly way to start a season. Fully powered, ripping through the multiple breaks at Tawas point, trying to not go whale watching to stay in close, because I can't find my kiting lifejacket or my gloves. But a memorable session none the less. We can travel the world but that point is one of the sweetest spots to ride, hands down.

Glad to hear the local crew showed up, hope everybody got a nice taste. Looking forward to seeing everyone as it warms up a bit and excited that 2011 is on. See you in Tawas.
8 Oct 2010
Pretty sweet skim video.


Click on the Waterbird link.
12 Sep 2010
I have a few kites that I am looking to move on. Trying to clean out the closets and make room for 2011 gear.

2008 Naish Torch 12m. Flew this kite a lot last summer, didn't use it much this summer. It's green and black, pretty wicked kite. This was a good year for the Torch. $500/kite only.

2010 Naish Charger 13m and 9m. Flew these this past summer. The Chargers are Naish's Delta. I really liked them, especially the 13. They have a lot of grunt. I was able to ride the 13 and my skim with the Flysurfer guys in Tawas. Both come with bars. I could bring out the 9 above 20 knots, and easily ride the 13 all the way up to needing the 9. I don't do much freestyle, I ride all strapless, but I know these kites go up real well. I rode the 9m every day in Brazil and it is super quick. I loved the super easy re-launch of these things.

13m $850(complete) Black and Orange
9m $750(complete) Blue, Black, and Red

2006 North Rhino 18m. This is a big dog. For those guys that still love the big C-kites, or someone who wants a big machine for light wind days. Used to be my goto kite in Tawas. Still in great shape. $250 kite only(red and black).

2008 Naish Custom Wide. Great light wind board and for beginners. I don't ride straps anymore, but this is great for your progression. $250

I am willing to take any reasonable offer. Please e-mail me if interested, I live in Royal Oak, so it would be easy to meet up down state. I take really good care of my stuff, no tears in any of the canopy's, and none of these kites leak. I have bars for both the c-kites if you are interested, and would be willing to throw one in as part of the package.


Thanks for your interest. Kite on.

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