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21 Jan 2009
The trip so far has been great. I've got another ten days down here.

I think I have the only "C" kite on the beach :-/ Almost had a yard sale today with it. I'm looking into buying a bow tomorrow or the day after.

The wind blows side shore everyday. One nice thing is that its side shore but then the n turns on shore, so you never have to worry about going out to the ocean. One kite is enough, most everyone is sporting something between a 9 and a 12 meter. yesterday I counted about 100 kites out on the crystal blue water and alot of windsurfers. There still appears to be a some bad blood there.

The wind starts at 11am and ends at 5pm (sun down). The wind is steady 90% of the time. If you have clouds, which is not normal, it will be a bit gusty but not bad. Early morning the water is flat flat flat for as far as you can see. Everyday has been about 72-80 degress and dropping to 60-65 at night.

The pros have started to arrive for the La Ventana Classic. I met Shawn and Jessy Richardson at the place I'm staying, I forget which, but one of them is the world kiting champ.

Beyond that I can say don't believe the hype regarding the costs associated with getting down here which is mentioned on the net. Since I speak Spanish I was able to find the least expensive way to get down here and I think the best place to stay, Kurt n Marina. I say that because it has a community kitchen, fridge, shower, it's on a launchable beach, and you can stay there for like $14 a night if you want to camp or you can grab a room for $55. I don't know how much it costs to stay at the campground. There are alot of RV's down here. Most have driven down from California, however; I did meet a few that drove down from B.C. and it took them four days.

The food has been really good. Yesterday a few of the people here went on a boat charter, $50 per person, and came back with about 25 yellow fin tuna. It was the best tasting sushimi ever.

There are a few bodegas where one can buy supplies. If you want a kite or other related supplies there is Baja Joes. Otherwise you can go down to the campground and look at all the postings on the bathroom/shower building. The food is at the restuarants will cost you less than 10 bucks for a meal. It seems that everyone drinks cerveza all the time.

There are a handful of places that I saw where one can take lessons if you want/need them.

A few days ago there was a big ole drunk fest called the burning bush, kinda like the burning man. All the kiters show up and burn stick figures, listen to music played by a live band on the beach. It was good.

I've posted a few pics, for the benefit of my wife who is still in Michigan. Is it really 19 below? That sucks! I'll post some more pics when I get home. Here I only have a satellite connection which is a bit slow.


All in all it been a great trip, meeting some pretty awesome people, good food, and lotsa relaxation.

I met some guys from Sherman Island, near San Fransisco, Maui Mike and Chris, the Wainman Rep, who took pity on me and have offered to let me use/demo their kites. I flew the North Rebel 11 M today....wow. I was humbled by their hospitality. The kite is definately alot better than mine. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to fly a Wainman model, and the other I'm considering buying is a A Bow Cabrina 07. we'll see.

Cya when I get back

Peace out
6 Jan 2009
I was wondering if anyone had plans to go to La ventana-mexico, europe for snow, or just about any other place in Jan?

I plan on taking a two week trip again somewhere just not sure where yet. Though I am thinking I would like to get out of the country.

Btw, there is a race and kitexpo from the 22-25th at la ventana

3 Jan 2009
This is just too cool. Would love to try it.

30 Jan 2008

A few months ago we reported on future attempts to use a kite to move a cargo ship across the ocean. But just last week, the MS Beluga set sail on its maiden voyage from Bremerhaven to Venezuela where it showed, quite successfully, that wind power might just be the future of nautical transportation.

The MS Beluga is a 140 meter long cargo ship. It uses a 160 square meter sky-sail which is set to fly at a height between 100 and 300 meters above the ocean. While it is not the main mode of propulsion, the kite is able to reduce fuel consumption by about 10% to 35% depending on wind conditions. The Skysail is the creation of Stephan Wrage who believes these kites could be used on almost 60% of all cargo ships. It is attached to the ship by a single line that is controlled by a computer, and works precisely as you’d expect, like a giant version of a small kite.

The maiden voyage started just last week, and already the sail has been deployed. It will cross the Atlantic Ocean using the traditional windjammer route south of the Azores. Its full travelling time is expected to be a total of 15 days. If successful, the company expects to deploy this system on other cargo ships.

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25 Jun 2007
I purchased this a couple of years ago for filling up the bladder during the winter time. Alas I never got around to getting a regulator to attach to it. Now it's only taking up space

The tank has been water/hydro pressure tested and is stamped so.

If you want it, its yours. As is....

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