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> El Yaque
post May 12 2006, 02:56 PM
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I talk all the time and people like me

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After 3 planes, 3 taxis, 1 hotel room without a toliet that flushed, no hot water, and a tv with no remote and most of the buttons to make it function pushed into the set, and about a dozen ´´louts´´ i made it. Lout is an Indian word for those guys that want to do everything for you from taxi driver to changing money.

One of those louts actually said gimme your passport and i¨m help u out... F·"!&er! the nerve of him.

So, El Yaque, the city is no big deal, it´s from what I can tell about a block long. I have to go into Palomar to go Salsa dancing and see the more cultural artsy fartsy stuff. but I imagine is has nothing to do with the town but the water and wind. As for entertainment American style.... nada. btw, speaking spanish is quite handy when coming here.

No wind today so no riding, though i do plan on putting up the 05 fuel 11m slingshot. Just becasue i have never flown this kite and because i i want to check it out.

btw, the people that work at the bar at Velawind have no concept of how to make a drink! each one was so watered that after 3 i hardly noticed a buzz. i think either i´ll have to buy my own bottle and spice things up, do shots (yuck) or just stick to the beer.

I´m staying at www.jumpnjive.com. the room and location is new and it´s clean. for $40 a night ya´can´t beat it!

anyway, i´m here and safe.

peace out

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post May 18 2006, 02:31 PM
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I talk all the time and people like me

Group: Members
Posts: 68
Joined: 9-March 04
From: Harper Woods
Member No.: 201

The mornings have been back and forth but mostly need to put up the 11. mornings are lighter wind than afternoons. once did i put up the 16. this morning i put up the 11 and flew full power. I weigh two bills. no problems... perfect

official hotel kiting time is 10 am to 12 and 2 pm to 4 pm. though if ya ride well. whenever you want.

basically if you are a consistant rider one can go to the end of the beach and back and forth there. If not ya catch a taxi from one of the local hotels, pay like 20,000 Bs. exchange at hotel california for TC´s is 2144 with a 5% comission. today i exchange 50 buck and got back $101868 Bs.

You then get dropped off at kitebeach which is about a 15 minute ride up wind where one can set up w/o your lines getting all hooked up on crap on the beach. It´s pretty much all beach sand.

Once you move away from the bay the winds are s t e a d y. waves are simply white caps . water is warm. only seen a few great whites up close ACK! just kidding....

The taxi will keep and eye out for you if you ask, tip the driver say 10,000. the other option is ¨supervision¨ which costs 70,000. a lesson is around 170,000 for 2 hours.

unless your like me, got in good with the locals, speaking spanish helps, and flashed the camera, ...oh sure i can take pic´s, have somewhere to download them?. today i had a two hour lesson for free.

basically the boat stays around you more than supervison but remember that the boat normally takes about 1 to 4 people. so they, drivers and instructors, are back and forth between riders.

Though it was a qucik lesson it was good. a few simple pointers on the water and on land. The best two things I did today was learned to look where I´m riding to, don´t stare at the kite. kinda like dribbling a basket ball. ya´always know where it is without looking. Unfortunateñly for me i never learned that skill :=)

and the other, remember i started with X2 14. relaunching could be a bit of a workout. with both the boxer and fuel, i´ve learned not to work too hard and just follow the directions. both work great.

lastly after hanging out with an australian who started to lose his vision while in the water, after the board nailed him just under his gath helmet. yes he had a board leash. I decided to wear a helmet and life vest.

the life vest is a big help especially after drinking in a mouth full of ocean water. one can lean back cough till tomorrow and just fly the kite. there really is nothing here, that i have yet to see that is like harsens island in regards to depth. it´s mostly all deeper than being able to stand up in.

speaking on board leashes, in my position, very handy, especially out here. a few times the leash disconnect from me and in two cases could find it again.; though the boat showed up and tossed it towards me.

oh... one thing to remember while here. many things that sound like a favor, later you´ll find out it was service and they will expect payment. remember to ask. I am fluent enough in spanish to sound like i know what i´m doing, but the accent here is differant than i´m used to. like southern english to that from someone from scotland. I understand about 80 percent.

Well it happened to me once. was it worth what I recieved in return? absolutely!!!! I flipped him equivelent to 30$ for services rendered, fair price, and said hasta la vista...no thats ok, don´t need anything else from you.

weather is pretty fabulous. doesn´t get much better than this. cosidering i almost went in india instead of this trip where it´s been around 40 to 44 and peaking to 48 degrees. I was looking for the biggest backpack to take with me there. here is 32 with lotsa wind and i´m still sweating like a white guy :-O excellant decision.

accomodations, though i may have mentioned this are very good. I saw someone´s apartment the other day and it is nicely laid out. bigger than the hotel room i´m in, about 3 times, maybe 1100 sq ft for the same price: no breakfast, dvd player and tv, fridge stove, contemporary furniture, wi-fi... 40 bucks split 4 ways... thats cheap.

though i thought about moving to the apartment, the breakfast where i am is good solid fuel! i would rather due without the others for the food! speaking on food. local fish and such all naught what is fabulous!

the locals... the riders are pretty amazing. do this 7 days a week for 5 years... wow!

there are alot of germans, swiss, french, australians, and canadians. Meed a canadian from toronto matter of fact. They just stay at the hotels and drink at night.

speaking of night. some of the best sleep i´ve had in a long time, though, there are these tiny ants that bite. so far i´ve been bitten alot. bring hydrocordizone and ask them to fume the room for you before you arrive or whatever

thats it for now.

peace out
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