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Posted by: will Mar 7 2010, 09:24 PM

I need help planning the most awsome Kiteboarding Vacation Ever........ I have 75,000 frequent flyer miles with United , but little to some cash for accomidations. I would like to stay for 30-50 days, and blue water and environment are key.

I have done Tieba Brazil almost two years ago and that was awsome, I think I went in August.

Some of you world travelers may be able to help me.

thanks, will

Posted by: Cruz Apr 17 2012, 12:48 PM

NE Brazil has no comparison in my experience. It beats anywhere in the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Mexico, Australia, New zealand, Philippines, that I have been to. I have not been to Venezuela or islands off the northern coast of Suramerica like Margherita or Los Roques but I would venture to guess they would be pretty epic too. They are at the top of my list. July- Decemberish is the time to go.

I also have been dreamin of places in Africa... South Africa is obviously prime-time. November to March is vicious SE winds. Other African destinations that are less well-known include Egypt/Red Sea (Hurghada, etc.) which is good Feb-November. I have been fantasizing about Mozambique and Liberia.... research to be done yet. Of course the logistics of travel and accommodations to pioneer or explore less well-known destinations requires serious flexibility. I cannot say anything at all about Vietnam, Thailand, other places in SE Asia other than damn that sounds like a good time.

Last but not least let's not get carried away with exotic travel ideas..... Hatteras is world class April-July and Hood River is unforgettable all summer long.

That's my take off the top of the head. I always like to hear what other people are thinkin. Bottom line, nothing has delivered consistently like Brazil in my personal experience.... but if money is tight just go to Hatteras (if you're talking Spring 2012.)

Go get it!

Posted by: mnpaslay Apr 30 2012, 01:49 PM

Probably not cheap, but Maui, Hawaii is pretty consistent...flat riding as well as waves...

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