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Posted by: don pitcher Nov 10 2012, 10:19 AM

From the Flysurfer Speed4 webpage:


Our vision is not only to improve our kites, but to further shape the sport of kiting. What has remained is a simple and effective system... We were even able to achieve a bridle that is almost one-third lighter and remove an entire bridle row. This not only makes kiting easier, but results in even better performance.


The Speed4 is a completely new development, based on a concept: A defined flex performance of the kite-profile. We achieved this with a new canopy construction and an extremely simplified bridle... The new construction is supplemented by a reinforcement of the leading edge for maximum flight stability in gusting winds and yet again-improved aerodynamics. The result is a kite that not only brings all the advantages of the Speed3 to the next level, but also steps up itís freestyle performance.

...we introduce the following technical features.

// Rigid Foil Technology by Gin
Reinforcement of the front leading edge profile for increased performance and stability.

// Smart Direct Airfoil
New flex-profile from extensive simulations for a shorter and more effective depower and quicker turning.

// Minimized bridle
Just three main levels (A,B & Z) and new connection points have created a much simpler line system, which is lighter and has less drag.

// Simplified mixer
Just one pulley per side makes for easiest trim tuning for everyone


Posted by: Cruz Nov 14 2012, 11:03 AM

Pretty sick. If the performance of foil kites could eclipse the LEI... that would mean no pumps. No pumping. Not exactly my favorite past-time.

Posted by: don pitcher Mar 29 2013, 07:45 AM

I finally got to try out my 10m Speed4. This "New Rigid Foil Technology" is really quite impressive. Much better than I anticipated. This is a big step forward for Foils.

This rigid foil thing is a plastic C-shape batten sewn into the leading edge at each ajoining cell. The top edge of the C extends down the top skin like a batten. This is by far the nicest foil that I have ever flown. Very refined.

But, for the foil nay sayers, here is a photo of a prototype Flysurfer. Notice the bridle on the trailing edge.

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