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Posted by: D_Clark Jan 14 2008, 02:49 PM

Spleene has released their board line for 2008. They have new sizes for each of the three shapes along with new graphics.
Besides this the boards improve from year to year. The tech stuff hasn't been posted yet, but my older spleenes have been much better than the previous years board.

Spleene has 3 basic lines of boards, all twintips. The surfboards have not been confirmed for 08 yet.

The Rip - This is the freestyle board. It is an all around board with good light wind performance in the bigger sizes.
This board is good in the waves and has lots of pop for tricks, all with a very smooth ride.
Sizes: 129x39, 134x40, 138x44, 140x47cm

The Door - This is the ultimate light wind board. Its large size and long length will get you out and upwind while others are still on the beach. The door also has great range for a big board, you can ridge them from 6knts to 25knts, try that with a glide. The secret is the flex in the board. The flex also makes it easy to jump and do tricks with the Door. Thinking about a bigger kite? try a Door instead.
Sizes: 154x42, 159x45, 164x50cm The 154 is for light weight riders and the 164 "Monster Door" is for the big guys.

The Session - This is a hybrid of the Door and Rip, The Session has the outline of the Door in a smaller size with more rocker. If I could only have one board I would have a session, its the perfect board for the Great Lakes. It has great low end and good high wind performance. You can't beat this board going upwind except with a Door, it jumps very well and is fast.
Sizes: 139x40, 141x43cm

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