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Kite U.S. Forums _ Ocean Rodeo Kiteboarding _ 2008 Ocean Rodeo 12M & 14M Rise Demo Kites in Metro Detroit

Posted by: Turtle Oct 8 2007, 11:54 AM

Hey everyone, Ocean Rodeo sent me a 12M & 14M 2008 Rise kites to demo here in Metro Detroit for a month. If you want to give them a try just look me up. They also sent a bunch of shirts and hats, so you ride the kites you get free clothes!

I am planning on a Ocean Rodeo demo day on the Sea Turtle coming up so stay tuned. I will be riding up in Oscoda this weekend and then back in Detroit for the remainder of the month. I will also be heading to Cleveland at least for a couple windy days before 11/1/07.

See you riding somewhere soon!


Posted by: Turtle Oct 15 2007, 01:48 PM

OK, I had a chance to ride the 14M Rise a couple different times this weekend at KiteMare. As you all know I am a C kite kind of guy, but looking for a bow wave quiver for 2008. I was impressed with the easy self launch from the beach, re-launch from the water and the hang-time. Lots of range, simple bar and line setup along with one pump technology.

No un-hooking yet, so that will be the test for this week along with some extended flat water big air runs on Lake St Clair.

Just my novice opinion, look me up if you want to try them out before they need to go back at the end of the month.


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