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Kite U.S. Forums _ Southeast Michigan _ Saint Clair Self Sufficiency Lesson

Posted by: KyleK Jul 17 2009, 11:56 AM

Hello All,

In the past weeks of westerly breeze I have witnessed countless hairball attempts at launching on land and walking out at both BL and Metro. Often times things work out fine but other times kites are luffing out in the turbulence, or the kiter goes for a run/drag/loft, or kiter falls walking out, or kite finds tree, or after several futile attempts kiter gives up. lots of potential for trauma here.

Guys! think about what your doing. It is problematic enough to launch on a due south at Metro or a due north at BL - but if you are gonna try to force it on a W fahgettaboutit.

If you have any doubts about a dodgey launch ask another kiter to give you an assisted water launch. Or drift launch.

If you are unsure of how to drift launch or have been frustrated by past failures don't fret. The DKB water launch/land method has been proven out over the course of teaching beginners how to avoid LSC's imminent dangers - its secrets can be yours for $50. We'll run through the process as many times as it takes for you to get it dialed.

This is not a substitute for a beginner lesson - you must have your own equipment and be a competent kite handler. You will not find this offer on the DKB website, it is for local KiteMI kiters that frequent our launches.

call, email, or find me at the Lagoon to schedule your session.

Posted by: jitters Jul 17 2009, 06:07 PM

I think its more fun trying to get kites out of trees( specially big ones)......just po som in my han fo a dime!

Posted by: Cruz Jul 17 2009, 07:32 PM

Smooth launch/landing, like most of this safety nonsense, is boring. I need the adrenalin rush of the concrete and re-bar, of lofting in a flukey gust, of skidding along hard-packed dirt with gnarly roots, of slowly drifting into deep water on an offshore breeze; the wreckless abandonment of life on the edge has an irresistible allure.

I gest. Sarcasm you dig? Don't be a wanker. I recommend helmets, sideshore/side-on sessions, assisted launches, drift launches, and always making your own judgement. Just cause everyone is doing it doesn't mean it is a safe practice. Also, if you see more experienced riders using additional caution while launching or landing then you, or coming in for any reason like shifting or freshening breezes, then take a timeout and evaluate you safety measures.

Let's be safe and have fun. Help out your fellow kiter always. Be aware of others around you always, whether on the shore or in the water!

Jeez, do I sound like your mom/wife or what!

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