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Posted by: Turtle Jan 16 2012, 05:43 PM

My 2012 OR Quiver is on its way so I am selling my slightly used 2010 Ocean Rodeo Rise Quiver. Includes 3 kites and 2 bars; 7M, 11M & 14M 2010 Rise Kites with two bars 48-55cm & 42-49cm. All 3 Kites are green and the warranty bladders were all replaced already. The 7M was just replaced this week and last year on the 11M & 14M. All professionally installed by AirTime Kite in Florida. I also have 2 sets of additional warranty bladders that will go with the quiver; 1 set for the 14M and 1 set for the 11M. I do not have an extra set for the 7M, sorry.

I had knee surgery early in 2011, so the kites had very little use. There is a little discoloring on the canopy, but nothing that affects performance.

$1,800 All 3 kites, 2 bars and extra bladders
$800 14M Kite and 48-55cm bar and extra set of bladders
$1,200 11M & 7M Kite and 42-49cm bar and extra set of bladders

I am in Metro Detroit on Lake St Clair, I am willing to arrange shipping to Canada and/or meet way to deliver.



Posted by: orsales Feb 10 2012, 07:05 PM

QUOTE(Turtle @ Jan 16 2012, 02:43 PM) *
[font="Calibri"][size=3]My 2012 OR Quiver is on its way...

Hey John! - John from Ocean Rodeo here... speaking of your 2012 quiver, we have the 3rd kite you ordered in stock and ready to ship to you! Please drop me a line by phone or email to confirm the shipping details!

John Z - OR

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