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Kite U.S. Forums _ Kiteboarding Gear for Sale _ 20.5M Slingshot Machine, 17M Fuel, 12M Gaastra

Posted by: SaulOhio Jun 2 2008, 10:44 AM

I have three kites I want to get rid of:

20.5M Slingshot Machine. Great low wind kite. This is in excellent condition. At most it may have some wear in the leader lines. Great light wind kite. Turns surprisingly easily for such a big kite. I've even done down looping jumping transitions with my 25.5M. The slingshot design team really outdid themselves on this one. Five line setup C-kite. I am selling it because I have the 25.5 M Machine and my 16M Turbo Diesel, and don't need anything in between. Start at $300.

17M Slingshot Fuel. This is from the year before they came out with the one-pump. Four line setup C-kite. Cabrina bar is in excellent condition. You might want to buy it just for the bar. Canopy is in good shape. I have a replacement leading edge bladder. Can't guaruntee that the bladders don't leak, but if they do, its slow. Make me an offer.

12M Gaastra G-Spot. 4 line setup. Cabrina bar is excellent. Again, you might want to buy this just for the bar. Canopy is in good shape. I think the main bladder and a couple of the struts have slow leaks. Make me an offer.

Posted by: Jovver Nov 17 2009, 06:18 PM

Do you still have that 20.5m Machine and if so what color scheme is it?

Posted by: noob kiter Aug 27 2010, 11:10 PM

how much would you sell the 12m gaastra

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