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Posted by: mIKAEL Feb 15 2005, 12:22 PM

I had a chance to give the Shift system with fifth line a good try on the snow.
Once you get the technique the relaunch works really well on the snow. The kite flips really easily by simply pulling the fifth line a couple of arm length. Once fliped, the kite doesn't easily slides to the edge of the window on the snow, so I move myself about halfway to the edge of the window (depending on the wind and snow conditions) and slowly start pulling on the side of the bar that's connected to the kite tip that's facing up. Then the kite slide to the edge of the window without falling back down and relaunches. You have to be delicate when pulling the bar so it doesn't fall back down. Also, the more you go to the edge of the window the less the kite has to drag. So if you're worried about the kite slidding on snow, there's a way! I've done it with minimal drag many times.
After trying it a few times, you'll get the technique and it work really good.
Beside the relaunch, I like the fact that you can easily self land the kite when nobody's around, without making a big mess with your line.
I'm now self-sufficient on snow with my inflatables. Great feeling!

Posted by: dan Feb 15 2005, 06:22 PM

I had a good session to try out the new shift system this weekend to. I was out in kingston ontario for a kite festival and I was the only person with an inflatable there. Everybody else had peter lynn foils. But I did the same thing that Mike did and it was pretty easy, if the kite doesn't fall back down again.

Dan Cote

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