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Posted by: mIKAEL Feb 7 2005, 09:29 AM

Well it looks like we finally hit the jackpot this weekend. We had two days in a row of incredible riding conditions. The temperatures were so warm, sunny, excellent snow and super constant, extremely lifty wind. We were lit on big kites non-stop.
The local crew was sending it huge. Saw some insane moves all weekend. Crazy one handed kite loops, air handle passes, sick rail sliding, spins that never ends and just massive big airs. Really impressive stuff. Everyone was feeding off each others pushing the limits. We haven't had good conditions in a long time and it showed that everyone was catching up for the lost time.

Hope some of you were able to get good riding too this weekend.

Our local crew is off to Montreal, Quebec next weekend for a great freestyle kite event. We'll see how we measure up to those frenchies! tongue.gif

Posted by: Feb 7 2005, 07:07 PM

Lucky bastards. I waited for the wind and nothing showed up except for some beers and some left handers. Wish i was up there riding. Next time. Before too long we will be in the water. Last year we were in the water on March 28th. 2 months away. Tlk to you soon.
Brent :twisted:

Posted by: SaulOhio Feb 8 2005, 06:54 AM

:x :evil: :cry:

I was in Erie, and only got a few puffs, barely enough to get airborne.
Out towards the end of the peninsula, it was dead calm all day, but it was blowing South closer to the mainland. But even there it was fickle wind. Up, down, gusty, shifty. I had more fun flying my planes. Again.

Posted by: sitka Feb 14 2005, 08:42 PM

I was at Rondeau Sat., very light but as it was my first real time with "enough" wind to move well, you can all remember how great that was biggrin.gif first time to be able to edge hard and rip (to me) along in the light stuff, some bare ice, some snow and slush. All seems like so long ago now.

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