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Kite U.S. Forums _ Kitesnowboarding _ kiting in Yellowstone NP

Posted by: KyleK Mar 20 2007, 09:38 AM

My kites have not left my car since I got here, too easy to jump on the chair outside the door and ride Lone Peak. Well after a huge February of snow here in Big Sky, March has been 40 degrees and sunny everyday creating less than sweet conditions on the mountain. Finally got the itch and went a 'scoutin this past week. Found a real nice meadow just inside Yellowstone park with great coverage, easy access, and some SW wind. Got my buddy Morts launched on a trainer and then scored a two hour 10m Vegas session. Carving it, little hardened drifts for little boosts, and a small hill to ride on. Great to feel the power for the first time since breaking my mano over 5 months ago. Ill try to get a couple pics up.


Posted by: concretesurfer Mar 24 2007, 11:48 PM

Hey Kyle, how is Yellowstone? I just got a job near the West Gate there for the summer, unlikely that I'll get any snowkitting sessions in though :? . When are you heading back to Michigan? We miss your presence in the D.


Posted by: Rubes Mar 25 2007, 07:46 AM

KK & Vlad,

uuhhhh long winter..... KK montana rocks..we had deep snow..(GET BACK HOME) lets ride biggrin.gif i hope your hand is feeling good

Vlad,,, miss ya
call me if ya hit the water 248 755 3402


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