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Posted by: Showe Oct 21 2005, 12:43 PM

Whats up everyone. Im new to the area, I live in Brighton. Ive been kitesurfing for the past two summers, but with work, and not living close to water, I never really was able to get very good. Im a skier, and am looking to get out kite-skiing a lot this winter. Are any of you from the brighton area? What are good places around here? I saw someone mention that kensington metro park is a good place. Do people ride there much? Also, are there any good places for kitegroundboarding around here?


Posted by: KyleK Oct 21 2005, 02:56 PM

Hey Steve,

Kensington is ridable and can be fun but its a little sketchy because Kent Lk is formed by the dammed Huron River. The moving water can create slushy spots, just gotta look out. Walled, Cass, and Orchard lakes are all good and not too far and maybe Whitmore is good.

Mike B rides White Lake and Duck Lake lots and there are several riders in AArbor that you could hook up with.

Dont know any good KGB spots.

Look forward to riding with you sometime.


Posted by: evilgun Nov 9 2005, 11:01 AM

I finally got my early birthday present, a 13m Diesel, way psyched. I live in the ypsi area, right on Ford Lake, its a big lake, but i'm new to kiting so i'm not sure what the wind will be like or if its a safe/proper place to fly. I'm hoping i can have some of the more knowledgable riders come check it out for me, drinks on me fellas. Anyway back to the point. i'm going to have access to 400 acres in of wheat field near stockbridge, and 300 or so back in my home town of Tecumseh. i'll keep you informed once the snow falls. as for KGB i just use bunch of soccer fields once the seasons over, not a ton of room but enough to have some fun.

Posted by: Turtle Nov 17 2005, 02:13 PM

I am in for a road trip from Metro Detroit anytime. All I need is an hour heads up to get out there. I just started Kiteboarding in May/June, but I have never kited in the snow. Can't wait, just got my snowboard yesterday.

I have to find some soccer fields to hit with my Land Board while I am waiting for the snow.


Posted by: Rayzor Nov 26 2005, 10:36 PM

Sup yall, we have 7 of us that regularly fly on walled lake all winter long. We also landboard about every weekend at Schoolcraft college. One guy we fly with has knowledge and access to some good sized bean fields and golf courses in Canton we are planning on tearing up this winter. Its my second season snowkiting...and I'm FREAKING out I'm so excited for snow. Send me a message to hook up and fly...I have access to demo kites and some killer deals.

Posted by: Turtle Nov 27 2005, 10:15 AM

If anyone is going out anywhere in or near Metro Detroit and would like some company give me a ring (586) 201-4603. Or you can email me at

I have all my kites, snowboard gear and two landboards in my car and ready to go. Schoolcraft sounds cool and I would like to check it out!

Bring it on!

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