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Posted by: Aidan_Moore Aug 26 2005, 09:40 PM

I am heading to Hawaii from October 10 - 27. The plan is to be based out of Kona for the majority of the trip with a few side trips to Maui and Kaui.

I am hoping to do some kite surfing when I am down there. Just looking for a few local spot I can go ride at a purely beginner level.

Any advice would be appreciated


Posted by: Adam Sep 4 2005, 11:31 AM

Hey brotha'

October is a good time of year, especially for Maui. I lived over there for 3+ years and really enjoyed it. It's typically strong, but come Octoberish it should settle down and we will start seeing some waves.

The best and main spot to kite there is lower kite beach. It
s inbetween the Kahalui Harbor (smoke stack) and Kanaha beach park. You will see it on your left when you land at the Kahalui AirPort. There are two beaches there, the lower beach that you can get to off the main road following the water front is the best for atmosphere for the average kiter. I have found in the past the you feel like you are being judged by everyone at the upper spot at the point. You will know what I mean when you get there.

Over all you should have a really good time and maybe the Red Bull King of the Air will be going on around the same time as you are there?

If so we will see you over there.

Bring your smaller boards and your 6-12 meter kites if you have them. Otherwise you may want to invest in another kite that's in the smaller range just in case. The winds are typically in the 15-35 mph range. I find that I'm usually on a 10 or 12 myself. If you have all day you will find that it is lighter in the mornings (you can not kite on the north shore before 11am) 11am-1pm and you will see it die down again typically around 4pm-5pm on till sunset. All you should need for wet suit material is maybe a shortie summer suit or a neoprene shirt of some sort... rash guard?

let me know if you have any other questioins? Sorry I don't have much info for Kuai.

good luck and have fun..

Adam Koch

Posted by: Aidan_Moore Sep 7 2005, 11:01 PM

Thanks for the reply on Maui. It was very informative. I do not have any definite dates on been in Maui. It will be sometime after Oct 17. I plan to be in Kona watching the Ironman. I guess I should start looking for some places to stay. That would be cool if we could hook up and check out the King of the Air.

I was also curious if you knew of any places to snag a few lessons. I have found a few web pages for schools such as They all look good.

It seems to never stop the buying of gear. Oh well I can always use the smaller kite to attempt to kite board when the snow comes.


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