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Posted by: KyleK Aug 23 2005, 10:14 AM

One of the regions illest spots. Located on Lake Huron on Michigans sunrise side, Tawas State Park in East Tawas city offers both flat water riding and small waves. The park is located at the end of a point that is best exposed to NE, E, SE, S, and SW with SE being ideal. You can force riding on westerlies too but not much fetch.

Getting there and additional info:

White sandy spit that creeps way out into the bay allowing for great sideshore downwinder potential, a good spot for beginners. Expect a 5+ min hike with your gear to get out to the beach from the end parking lot. As always be very careful and curteous to other park patrons, plenty of room to roam here so walk waaay up the beach away from the swimming area and beachgoers. Shallow and warm water for over a hundered feet out to a sandbar. Small waves form and can be fun, look out for shallows in some of the breaks.

Beach topography is what really makes this place unique. Depending on varying water levels large ponds form on the inside of the beach. Ranging from 2" to 8" in depth with small islands within them, these ponds offer a surreal riding experience. Bring a screwdriver to go finless here and feel the softest buttery feeling carving through 80 degree glassy goodness.

* be cautious, kiteboarding in very shallow water is obviously dangerous * logs in the water, water very clear so you can see them, but you cant take your attention away from the many hazzards * pond riding recomended for intermediate-advanced riders only * consider riding in a long sleve shirt and maybe pants, you're likely to skid out * helmet and impact vest not a bad idea *

Drop into the bay on the inside for more flat warm water and deeper spots to throw tricks. 2-4 ft deep. * Be very, very, very sure to survey the entire area you're riding in * knasty, knarly knee busters in the water here and there * rock piles, big logs, fence sections, unknown manglers * but lots of nice big sandy safe areas too. *

Tawas also seems to be one of the few windy places in the dead of July and August.

Check it out.

Posted by: S Aug 24 2005, 10:52 AM


I want to check Tawas out - if I remember right - the launch on the lake side is nice and sandy but the launch on the bay side is iffy. Is that still the case? Can I self launch on the bay side?



Posted by: FellowCountryMan Aug 24 2005, 09:18 PM


Self launch on the pointand you will have access to the bay side.


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